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Our Origin

We at Om Solar Solutions are in the business of making India and people’s lives more environmentally friendly, and that is our company’s slogan. Using the best solar panels, solar inverters, and batteries available, we are enthusiastically involved in solar panel installation and have become one of the best solar system company in Lucknow. We are currently in Uttar Pradesh, where our revolutionary solar product line helps industries in Lucknow, Kanpur, Prayagraj, and other cities save energy and bring smiles to hundreds of people.

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Our Reach

Since we’ve been in this business for three years, we’ve learned a tonne. Today, we’ve enriched hundreds of lives, and it is our breath-taking efforts that have kept us going in terms of offering workable and high-quality solutions that have thus far established a link of confidence. Now, of course, we brighten the darkness over hundreds of homes and buildings, bring smiles to more than 300 customers, and install more than (no. of projects completed incapacity). If you want services of solar panel installation in Lucknow, then contact us.

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How Are We Different

We execute it in an amazing method while adhering to layperson concept design and pure current design, radiantly walking with the eternal mission of “Making India Green.” Additionally, our goods and services promise to lower electricity costs, saving you money. Additionally, we call and send someone to help you 24 hours a day if you need assistance with solar panels or maintenance. That is what makes us unique!

Setting New Standards

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A Team That Knows; A Team That Is Sure

Om Solar Solutions has been in the business for many years and has become a national solar rooftop portal, has a staff of highly qualified personnel who can easily and quickly install solar panels and other parts. We are regarded as the top solar company in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, for this reason.

Om Solar Solution is now the Authorized Channel Partner of TATA

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Tata's Authorized Partner

We’re proud to say that we’ve been certified as the authorized channel partner by Tata Power Solar and have become the top solar panel dealers in Lucknow

You may also validate our certificate on the official site of Tata Power Solar.

Taking India Ahead With Solar Power

Powerful Dreams Require Solid Work And We Have Done Everything Up To The Mark

We have been in the solar solutions business since 2016, and we power over 900 locations in Uttar Pradesh (U.P.) and over 300 places in Ahmedabad.

In addition to other things, we are experts in LED street lights, solar hybrid power plants, and solar off-grid power plants. We also offer a variety of boxes, including distribution boxes, combiner boxes, and more.
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Solar Power System

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On Grid Solar Power System

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Off Grid Solar Power System

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Portable Solar Power System

Solar DC Distribution Box

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2 In 2 Out With 2 SPD DCDB

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4 in 4 Out with 4 SPD(600V)

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6 in 6 Out with 3 SPD

Solar AC Distribution Box

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Three Phase ACDB 5-15KW

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Single Phase ACDB (1-5KW)

Solar Combiner Box

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4 In 1 Out Solar Combiner

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4 In 1 Array Junction Box

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