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An industry pioneer in rooftop solar energy system integration is Om Solar Solutions. Our solar panels provide our own sunshine! As a leading solar company in Lucknow we install solar panels on every roof since we are Lucknow’s top solar firm. On-grid solar systems, off-grid solar systems, hybrid solar systems, solar water pumps, solar house lights, and more are all things we deal in.

Solar Company Lucknow
solar company in lucknow, Om Solar

Leading Rooftop Solar Energy System Integrator

We pride ourselves on being the leading rooftop solar energy system integrator in Lucknow, dedicated to delivering the highest quality solar services consistently. We stand out as the leading solar service provider in the region because of our dedication to offering cutting-edge, customized solutions, a reliable data monitoring system, and lifelong client support.

Understanding the particular demands and requirements of our clients and customers is continuously given first priority by our team of talented engineers, committed employees, and knowledgeable strategists. With a focus on the needs of the client, we can create A+ Grade solar energy solutions that exactly match your objectives.

We offer the power of green energy to homes, businesses, and structures, supported by an outstanding workforce and cutting-edge infrastructure and facilities. Our goal is to enable businesses, industries, and homes to lower their electricity costs while adopting solar energy in order to support India’s sustainability. We are committed to making solar energy accessible to everyone since it has several advantages.

Solar Installation Company in Lucknow

We are pleased to welcome Om Solar Solutions, a top provider of rooftop solar energy services right here in Lucknow, as we embrace the potential of solar energy. We are committed to ushering in a new age of renewable energy for both the residential and commercial sectors, and we are famous for our knowledge of the rooftop solar market. Our team of brilliant engineers, dedicated workers, and smart strategists consistently puts understanding the specific demands and objectives of our clients and consumers first. We can provide A+ Grade solar energy solutions that perfectly meet your goals by concentrating on the demands of the client. We provide homes, companies, and other buildings with the power of green energy, backed by top-notch personnel and state-of-the-art facilities. In order to assist India’s sustainability, we want to make it possible for companies, industries, and families to reduce their electricity bills while switching to solar power. Because solar energy offers so many benefits, we are dedicated to making it available to everyone.

Leaders in rooftop solar PV power plants

For your rooftop area, Om Solar’s solar power system in Lucknow can be the best option. With the aid of our knowledge and Solitaire experts, transform and exploit your rooftop into a rooftop solar power station or rooftop PV system. As the pioneer in rooftop solar installation in Uttar Pradesh (Lucknow), we also offer comprehensive EPC services and meticulously install solar panels of the highest caliber. However, Om Solar has consistently been there for you, ready to support you through every step of the engagement, acquisition, and building of a rooftop solar power station. Our skilled revisions in the planning and execution of rooftop PV solar power stations will help you avoid potential mistakes and are very efficient in on-the-fly building. Your trustworthy source for Rooftop Solar panels in Lucknow is Om Solar.

solar panel company in Lucknow

Why choose us as Lucknow's top solar company?

We take pride in being Lucknow’s leading solar company, offering expert installation services and unmatched customer satisfaction. Trust us for dependable solar panel for home in Lucknow, and Join us in harnessing solar power for a brighter, greener future.

solar company in lucknow, Om Solar

Modern Customized Solutions

Due to the people's increasing demands and solutions, we provide them with contemporary, personalized solutions under ideal conditions for excellent solar power solutions.

solar company in lucknow, Om Solar

Modern Monitoring System

We frequently check solar system generation and give our customers real-time data updates; if any diagnoses are needed, we send a solar professional to address them.

solar company in lucknow, Om Solar

Best Quality and Price Assured

We provide tier-1 solar modules with a 25-year performance warranty at competitive prices. We also offer solar inverters that are 97-99% efficient, allowing you to get the most out of your solar system.

solar company in lucknow, Om Solar

Life-Time Customer Support

We provide our clients with lifelong support and service, so please don't hesitate to contact us at any moment at +91-9919990944.

Top Solar Panel Suppliers in Lucknow

Om Solar Solution stands as a reputed and experienced player in the field of solar installation in Uttar Pradesh. Our enduring commitment to solar power stems from our deep passion for sustainable energy, and our primary objective revolves around providing an exceptional service experience to our valued customers.


At the heart of our mission is the aspiration to be the leading renewable energy company, dedicated to offering the most cutting-edge solar energy solutions to our valued customers. Our unwavering commitment to efficiency, safety and environmental sustainability is embedded in every project we undertake. Our commitment to our customers is what takes us to a leading position in the service of solar panel equipment.


We take pride in offering carefully designed solar panel systems that seamlessly align with your property’s unique architectural profile and energy needs. Our services extend beyond mere installation; These include comprehensive maintenance and turnkey solar power systems tailored to meet each customer’s specific preferences.

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Why is solar energy a smart choice for Lucknow residents?

If you live in Lucknow, switching to solar energy is a wise financial move that has a number of advantages in addition to being ecologically friendly.

Environment Friendly

Environmentally Friendly

Solar energy is a clean, renewable energy source that does not deplete the environment's resources or emit hazardous gases.

solar company in lucknow, Om Solar

Low Maintenance

Solar power systems are low maintenance, requiring little upkeep and offering homeowners a handy and hassle-free energy alternative.

solar company in lucknow, Om Solar

Affordable Investment

Solar energy is an excellent long-term investment since it not only lowers your carbon footprint but also offers large financial rewards

solar company in lucknow, Om Solar

Energy cost reduction

By employing solar energy, you may frequently reduce your electricity expenses by 50–70%, resulting in considerable savings over time.

solar company in lucknow, Om Solar

Energy independence

Energy independence is a benefit of solar energy, which lessens reliance on conventional grid electricity and prevents price volatility in the energy market.

solar company in lucknow, Om Solar

Government incentives

Solar installation is made even more financially appealing by several governments, notably the Government of India.

solar company in lucknow, Om Solar

Property value increase

Solar panels may raise the resale value of your home, making them an investment in both your current residence and your future finances.

solar company in lucknow, Om Solar

Employment Creation

The solar sector also helps to create jobs by offering positions in installation, maintenance, and research.

solar company in lucknow, Om Solar

Less Maintenance

Compared to an off-grid system, an on-grid solar system requires less maintenance and typically lasts longer.


We are the top solar system installer in Lucknow and we list down below the components comprising Solar System-

solar company in lucknow, Om Solar

All-inclusive Turnkey Solar Energy Services

We provide a wide range of services to our clients that make it easier to build solar projects, assist in lowering power costs, harness green energy for the benefit of nature, and more.

solar company in lucknow, Om Solar

Installation of rooftop solar panels in Lucknow

Rooftop solar panel installation services of the highest calibre are provided in Lucknow by Om Solar, a major integrated solar partner and provider. We are specialists in all types of roof-mounted solar panels.

solar company in lucknow, Om Solar

Solar Installer & EPC in Lucknow

In Lucknow, we excel at designing, setting up, and commissioning solar projects using cutting-edge technology. With our engineers, you may receive the greatest EPC service.

solar company in lucknow, Om Solar

Home Solar Panel in Lucknow

Utilize OmSolar's experience to integrate solar home systems in Lucknow. Utilize your rooftop's potential by transforming your house's roof into a solar panel that produces power.

solar company in lucknow, Om Solar

Sustainable Solutions

Sunlight is reflected by solar panels, providing clean, renewable energy that is good for the environment. It frequently leaves no carbon imprint.

solar company in lucknow, Om Solar

Services for Commercial Solar Panels in Lucknow

Do you protect yourself from utility costs? Solar guarantees a solid financial future for company owners because of its strong return on investment and cost savings on operating expenses. Get solar for businesses and industries right away.

solar company in lucknow, Om Solar

Concept Design by Layman

Solar panels are created using a layman's notion, making it possible for everyone to utilize them and gain from them.

solar company in lucknow, Om Solar

Rooftop Solar On-Grid System

On-grid solar PV systems are those that produce electricity using a utility or power grid.

solar company in lucknow, Om Solar

System of Hybrid Suns

A hybrid solar system is a grid-connected, battery-powered renewable energy source. Solar panels in the system provide power during the day, and any surplus energy is stored in batteries for use at night when the sun isn't shining.

solar company in lucknow, Om Solar

Solar Power System Off-Grid

When you are not connected to the grid, you utilize off-grid solar power systems, which store solar energy in batteries.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Solar panel installation costs in Lucknow, India depend on system size, panel quality, and installation complexity. Household installations typically cost between Rs 50,000 and Rs 1,50,000 per kWh. Ask a local OEM solar solutions installation for a more accurate quote that meets your demands.

To choose the best solar energy company in Lucknow, research online reviews, ask for recommendations from reliable sources, compare quotes, and consider their experience and certifications.

Choosing solar power in Lucknow is a wise decision due to abundant sunshine, cost savings, environmental benefits, and government incentives.

Certainly! In Lucknow, the government offers incentives and subsidies for solar panel installations, encouraging renewable energy adoption among residents.

Yes, Om Solar Solution Company provides warranty and support services for its solar products and installations.

To get started with solar installation in Lucknow, research local solar providers like Om Solar Solution, assess your energy needs, obtain necessary permits, and consult professionals for customized solar solutions.

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