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Solar Company in Prayagraj

Solar Company in Prayagraj

Om Solar Solutions is your go-to solar energy provider right here in Prayagraj. Our services encompass solar power distribution, rooftop solar PV installation, ground-mounted solar panel installation, and more. We take pride in being the trusted and dependable solar company in Prayagraj, serving countless industries, buildings, and businesses across Uttar Pradesh with sustainable energy solutions.

Solar Company in Prayagraj, Om Solar
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Solar Panel Company in Prayagraj

Are you seeking a solar solution in Prayagraj? Look no further! Solar panels are a reliable and secure way to generate electricity for both homes and businesses. Our company is dedicated to all things solar, from marketing and sales to servicing top-quality solar energy products and systems right here in Allahabad (Prayagraj).

When it comes to solar panels in Prayagraj, we’ve got you covered. Our team of solar experts specializes not only in installation and commissioning (I&C) but also excels in engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) services. With our assistance, you can enjoy the finest solar experience and become the proud owner of an independent rooftop solar PV system for your home.

Best Solar Installer in Prayagraj

The goal we strive for at Om Solar is to make India greener by utilizing the solar power system, and we have specialists, trailblazing inventors, and working people who can do just that! We started with a single dream and aim. The objective is to use less power and build more solar energy harvesting infrastructure.

We are a recognized Solar energy company in Prayagraj business because we provide cutting-edge tailored solutions, an impenetrable data monitoring system, the highest quality and pricing guaranteed, and lifelong customer support.

Solar Panel Price and Cost in Prayagraj

Many distinct types of solar panels may be classed according to various factors including the quantity of connections they include. As a result, the price changes depending on whether there is a single junction or a multi-junction as it emphasizes the material and efficiency each one has. The cost of solar panels in Prayagraj is determined by the effectiveness of monocrystalline and polycrystalline solar panels.


If you require highly effective solar panels for your house, business, or another use. Since monocrystalline solar panels are constructed from the highest-grade silicon of all panel types, they are the greatest option. If you want to find out how much solar panels in Prayagraj cost, use our clever solar calculator software or get in touch with a solar expert.

Solar Panel Price and Cost in Allahabad

Why choose us as Prayagraj's top solar company?

We take pride in being Prayagraj’s leading solar company, offering expert installation services and unmatched customer satisfaction. Trust us for dependable solar panels for homes in Prayagraj, and Join us in harnessing solar power for a brighter, greener future.

Solar Company in Prayagraj, Om Solar

Modern Customized Solutions

Due to the people's increasing demands and solutions, we provide them with contemporary, personalized solutions under ideal conditions for excellent solar power solutions.

Solar Company in Prayagraj, Om Solar

Modern Monitoring System

We frequently check solar system generation and give our customers real-time data updates; if any diagnoses are needed, we send a solar professional to address them.

Solar Company in Prayagraj, Om Solar

Best Quality and Price Assured

We provide tier-1 solar modules with a 25-year performance warranty at competitive prices. We also offer solar inverters that are 97-99% efficient, allowing you to get the most out of your solar system.

Solar Company in Prayagraj, Om Solar

Life-Time Customer Support

We provide our clients with lifelong support and service, so please don't hesitate to contact us at any moment at +91-9919990944.

Dealer of Tata Solar Panels in Prayagraj

In Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh, Om Solar is one of the leading suppliers, distributors, dealers, and retailers of Tata Solar Panels. Our team will learn that Tata solar panels, which are 30% more efficient in EPC, offer perfect rooftop space with considerable savings while safeguarding the environment by adding unquestionable energy to our solar account. 

To empower energy-independent homes, small and large businesses, and other institutions to proactively remove grid-utility electricity by deploying high-efficiency solar power systems on their shade-free rooftops is our goal of becoming an authoritative dealer of Tata Power Solar. 

If you need a Tata solar panel installation and know about Tata solar panel prices in Prayagraj, just get in touch with us, and a member of our staff will visit the location and take timely action.

Dealer of Tata Solar Panels in Allahabad

Why is solar energy a smart choice for Prayagraj residents?

If you live in Prayagraj, switching to solar energy is a wise financial move that has a number of advantages in addition to being ecologically friendly.

Environment Friendly

Environmentally Friendly

Solar energy is a clean, renewable energy source that does not deplete the environment's resources or emit hazardous gases.

Solar Company in Prayagraj, Om Solar

Low Maintenance

Solar power systems are low maintenance, requiring little upkeep and offering homeowners a handy and hassle-free energy alternative.

Solar Company in Prayagraj, Om Solar

Affordable Investment

Solar energy is an excellent long-term investment since it not only lowers your carbon footprint but also offers large financial rewards

Solar Company in Prayagraj, Om Solar

Energy cost reduction

By employing solar energy, you may frequently reduce your electricity expenses by 50–70%, resulting in considerable savings over time.

Solar Company in Prayagraj, Om Solar

Energy independence

Energy independence is a benefit of solar energy, which lessens reliance on conventional grid electricity and prevents price volatility in the energy market.

Solar Company in Prayagraj, Om Solar

Government incentives

Solar installation is made even more financially appealing by several governments, notably the Government of India.

Solar Company in Prayagraj, Om Solar

Property value increase

Solar panels may raise the resale value of your home, making them an investment in both your current residence and your future finances.

Solar Company in Prayagraj, Om Solar

Employment Creation

The solar sector also helps to create jobs by offering positions in installation, maintenance, and research.

Solar Company in Prayagraj, Om Solar

Less Maintenance

Compared to an off-grid system, an on-grid solar system requires less maintenance and typically lasts longer.


We are the top solar system installer in Prayagraj and we list down below the components comprising Solar System-

Solar Company in Prayagraj, Om Solar

All-inclusive Turnkey Solar Energy Services

We provide a wide range of services to our clients that make it easier to build solar projects, assist in lowering power costs, harness green energy for the benefit of nature, and more.

Solar Company in Prayagraj, Om Solar

Installation of rooftop solar panels in Pragyaraj

Rooftop solar panel installation services of the highest calibre are provided in Lucknow by Om Solar, a major integrated solar partner and provider. We are specialists in all types of roof-mounted solar panels.

Solar Company in Prayagraj, Om Solar

Solar Installer & EPC in Prayagraj

In prayagraj, we excel at designing, setting up, and commissioning solar projects using cutting-edge technology. With our engineers, you may receive the greatest EPC service.

Solar Company in Prayagraj, Om Solar

Home Solar Panel in Prayagraj

Utilize OmSolar's experience to integrate solar home systems in Prayagraj. Utilize your rooftop's potential by transforming your house's roof into a solar panel that produces power.

Solar Company in Prayagraj, Om Solar

Sustainable Solutions

Sunlight is reflected by solar panels, providing clean, renewable energy that is good for the environment. It frequently leaves no carbon imprint.

Solar Company in Prayagraj, Om Solar

Services for Commercial Solar Panels in Prayagraj

Do you protect yourself from utility costs? Solar guarantees a solid financial future for company owners because of its strong return on investment and cost savings on operating expenses. Get solar for businesses and industries right away.

Solar Company in Prayagraj, Om Solar

Concept Design by Layman

Solar panels are created using a layman's notion, making it possible for everyone to utilize them and gain from them.

Solar Company in Prayagraj, Om Solar

Rooftop Solar On-Grid System

On-grid solar PV systems are those that produce electricity using a utility or power grid.

Solar Company in Prayagraj, Om Solar

System of Hybrid Suns

A hybrid solar system is a grid-connected, battery-powered renewable energy source. Solar panels in the system provide power during the day, and any surplus energy is stored in batteries for use at night when the sun isn't shining.

Solar Company in Prayagraj, Om Solar

Solar Power System Off-Grid

When you are not connected to the grid, you utilize off-grid solar power systems, which store solar energy in batteries.

What Our Prayagraj Family Says About Us

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

For solar energy to work, photovoltaic cells must be used to convert sunlight into electricity. When exposed to sunlight, the semiconductor materials comprising these cells generate an electric current, resulting in the production of clean, sustainable energy.

The price of building a solar power system in Prayagraj depends on various elements, including location, quantity of solar panels required, labor cost and more. Cost estimate can be given with accuracy only after site assessment by our expert Prayagraj solar panel installation team.

There are many benefits of residential solar power in Prayagraj:


  • Free solar energy reduces electricity costs.
  • Residential rooftop solar panel surplus electricity credit.
  • Better energy control.
  • Installing a 4 kilowatt solar panel can save Rs. Electricity expenditure in five years will be Rs 44,000.
  • Government solar incentives for homeowners.

Off-grid, on-grid and hybrid solar systems are available from Om Solar Solutions in Prayagraj, and each system is tailored to your unique energy needs. Please contact them to learn more about these systems.

In general, solar panels can be installed on a variety of roofing materials, including shingle, metal, tile and flat roofs. However, depending on the unique characteristics of your roof, cost and feasibility may vary.

Solar panels typically last 25 to 30 years, but many of them continue to produce electricity effectively for decades longer than that.

Yes, using solar energy in Prayagraj reduces greenhouse gas emissions, air pollution, natural resource conservation and climate change, creating a more sustainable environment.

Local laws and your utility provider’s restrictions may apply to Prayagraj’s ability to sell excess electricity back to the grid. Please contact your utility company for more detailed information.

Consider your energy needs, available rooftop space and your budget when selecting the right size solar system for your Prayagraj home or company. A local solar energy installer should be consulted for appropriate advice.

There is a solar firm by the name of Om Solar Solution in Prayagraj, and they provide maintenance and repair services for already existing solar systems.

Definitely! To get complimentary pricing or consultation for solar installation in Prayagraj, you can contact local solar installation businesses or send online inquiries through their websites.

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