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All You Need to Know About the Haryana Solar Subsidy Scheme 2023

Haryana Solar Subsidy Scheme 2023, Om Solar

Environmentalists and resource guardians increasingly favor solar photovoltaic technology as a power plant option. Solar power can reliably generate free electricity for 25 years. Businesses, industry, private dwellings, and housing cooperatives can profit from this method. 

Solar energy can provide a large percentage of your electricity needs and save you money each month. Many households, ranches, and housing cooperatives can save 90% on utility expenditures. These returns can pay for your solar energy investment in 6–8 years. Solar systems are cheaper in the second phase of the Grid-Connected Rooftop solar installation in the Haryana Program. Haryana households can reduce their solar panel investment with a subsidy.

What Does Solar Subsidy Mean?

It is common knowledge that solar energy is a sort of energy that is both free and environmentally friendly, and it helps us reduce our dependency on natural resources such as water and coal. To enable each home to generate electricity, the government plans to put solar panels on the roofs of all homes. Individuals who are interested in installing solar panels in their homes are eligible to receive financial support from the government.

Solar Panel Subsidy in Haryana

To ensure that the resources would be available for future generations, the Department of Renewal Energy in Haryana has launched a project called Solar Rooftop Power Plant, which is designed to save electricity. Every residential, institutional, social sector, private, commercial, and industrial sector in the state is eligible to get Solar System Plants as part of this initiative. 

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Solar Panel System Subsidy in Haryana

For the majority of families searching for an affordable, dependable energy source, a 3kW solar system price in Haryana with a subsidy makes perfect sense. The 500-watt solar panel pricing in Haryana has been subsidized by the Indian government, which recognizes the needs of home consumers. The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) provides fixed Central Financial Assistance (CFA)/Solar Subsidy Support for various system capacity slabs.

Homeowners or housing societies can waive a portion of their upfront solar costs, regardless of the system capacity—from a basic 3kW solar panel pricing in Haryana to a larger capacity system of 10kW or more. For any solar installation, such as an off-grid or hybrid solar power system, you can get in touch with the best solar company in India.

Haryana Rooftop Solar Plant Subsidy Scheme

The state subsidizes 30% of the typical cost under the Haryana Rooftop Solar Plant Subsidy Scheme. All residential, institutional, and social sectors receive a maximum of Rs.20,000 per kilowatt subsidy. The Haryana government is pushing new solar plants, but not as much as the Rooftop Solar Plant Scheme. In this Haryana Rooftop Plant Subsidy Scheme 2023, the government is subsidizing the subject.

Haryana Rooftop Plant Subsidy Scheme application forms are available online at This plan encourages green energy use. State renewable energy policies are created by the Department of Renewable Energy. The Haryana Rooftop Solar Plant Subsidy Scheme promotes green building design for energy efficiency in residential, commercial, and industrial buildings. Certain Haryana buildings must have a Haryana Rooftop Solar Plant Subsidy Scheme. They were increasing solar energy security.

Specific Information on the Rooftop Solar Power Plant

1. 100 square feet is needed for the installation of a rooftop solar power plant.

2 Installing a rooftop solar power plant without subsidies will cost between Rs. 60k and Rs. 70k.

3. The required payment amount following the 30% fall in subsidies is Rs. 42K to Rs. 49K.

4. For customers to be eligible for the generation-based incentive, 1,100 to 1,500 kWh / Kwp p.a. of power must be produced.

4. Customers can make between Rs. 2,000 and Rs. 3,000 per year with this scheme.

How Can I Check the Online Haryana Rooftop Solar Plant Subsidy Scheme 2023?

The legislature-run Division of Environmentally Friendly Power’s authority website at allows Haryana residents to apply online for a Housetop Solar Power Plant Establishment. Everything needed to populate the Internet-based Application Structure is below.

  • Go to the Haryana government’s official Renewable Energy Department website by clicking on the link provided below.
  • You can either visit the website listed below directly or click on the “Online Banner” on the right side of the page.
  • After selecting “Login,” go to the “Sign Up” website.
  • Once another page opens, complete all the required fields and click the “Submit” button. You will receive an OTP on the mobile number you provided after pressing the appropriate button.
  • After entering the accurate OTP, press the “Submit” button. The application process for the Rooftop Solar Plant Scheme is now open. Please log in.

What are the documents required to apply for the solar system?

Haryana Solar Subsidy Scheme 2023, Om Solar

Soft copy of Identity Proof (Any One):

PAN Card


Voter Card

Aadhaar Card

Driving License

Identity Card issued by govt. department

A soft copy of the electricity bill for the residence

The following are some of the state’s implemented schemes

Program for Solar Water Pumping

To help farmers in the State satisfy their irrigation needs and lower the costs associated with employing diesel pump sets, the Department of New & Renewable Energy is providing a 75% subsidy. Solar pumps with capacities ranging from 3 HP to 10 HP are being offered as part of this project.

Some Crucial Details to Consider When Choosing Solar Water Pumping Systems:

  • 3 H.P. is awarded to farmers on a 75% grant amount, up to 10 HP. For a solar pump, you can apply.
  • As long as they give up their current electricity connections, applicants with existing electricity-based connections (UHBVN / DHBVN) will be granted preference when it comes to solar pump connections.
  • This year’s target beneficiaries will be chosen based on the family’s land holdings and annual income.
  • The applicant can deposit the beneficiary share after deciding on the chosen beneficiary price by going to the PM KUSUM site ( and choosing the government-listed firm. Details about the company will be sent to the registered mobile number.
  • Depending on the size, water level, and water requirements of their farm, farmers should choose the appropriate type and pump. 
  • The company will handle the remainder of the pump installation work; the farmer will only need to have boreholes dug in his field.

LED Street Lighting Systems Powered by Solar Energy.

The state of Haryana is putting into practice an LED-based Solar Photovoltaic (SPV) Street Lighting Scheme to reduce dependency on conventional power sources for street lighting in rural regions.

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Above government buildings, solar panels. 

To address the energy needs of government buildings, the Haryana government is encouraging the usage of solar electricity. For the implementation, both the RESCO and CAPEX models are being employed.


The ambitious goal of 40GW has been set by the Indian government for home solar power installation. Incentives for solar energy systems are a great way to encourage more and more homes in Haryana and throughout India to use solar electricity. We hope the information above on the Haryana Solar Subsidy Scheme 2023 will make the process of making the switch to solar energy easier for you. Thus, if you haven’t already purchased a solar system, this is the ideal moment to convert to a more environmentally friendly and clean power source. Om Solar has been around for a long time and is a pioneer in the solar sector. They want to change the way solar is put all over the world. A high-quality “Solar Installation Company in Haryana” is available via our company.

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