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Know Everything About Haryana Solar System Subsidy Scheme 2024

Haryana Solar System Subsidy Schem, Om Solar

The Haryana Renewable Energy Development Agency (HAREDA) has developed an efficient initiative to support the maximum utilization of renewable energy for the public, especially counting household owners and rural people like farmers and others. 

The state government of Haryana together with the renewable energy agency has proposed a reliable solution related to solar system usage. The authorities have issued the Haryana solar subsidy scheme 2022 which consists of a solar inverter subsidy scheme with various subsidy benefits on solar system capacity. 

Let’s take a detailed look at the solar subsidy scheme 2022 for Haryana. 

Solar Inverter Charger Scheme

Most households in the rural area of the state use an inverter-connected solar system which is considered the most efficient and reliable source of green energy. As this system uses inverters and batteries with a grid supply function, the system generates and supplies energy even when your power goes out.  

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The government has proposed an affordable subsidy scheme on solar inverters to prompt more and more solar panel installation with inverter chargers. 

The official website of HAREDA also notified the community about the new Haryana Solar Subsidy Scheme 2022. The scheme incorporates a beneficial subsidy scheme for people looking to install solar systems in Haryana using inverters and batteries. 

The Solar Inverter Chargers of capacity 300 watts are provided to the system holders at a fixed subsidy of Rs. 6000/- and 500 Watt capacity to the inheritor by providing a State Subsidy of Rs. 10000/-.

Now, in case you’re looking to install a Grid-Connected Solar System In your Home, the concerned authorities including the Central Government of India, and MNRE have updated the solar system subsidy for 2022 in Haryana to support more installation of green energy. 

The New Solar Subsidy Scheme 2022 is mentioned below which was last updated in January 2022 by MNRE. 

SystemGovt. SubsidyCustomer Price
Up to 3kW40%
Up to 3kW to 10kW20%
Above 10kW0%
Cost of 3kW Solar SystemWithout SubsidyRs 1,80,000
Cost of 3kW Solar SystemWith Subsidy (-72,000)Rs 1,08,000
Cost of 5kW Solar SystemWithout Subsidy3,00,000
Cost of 5kW Solar SystemWith a Subsidy (60,000)2,40,000

Benefits of Installing Grid Connected/On Grid System

  • Reducing your monthly electricity bill by up to 90%
  • Solar system life is more than 25 years
  • Additional FAR up to 12% allowed
  • Transfer excess power to the grid through a Net-metering facility
  • Generate approximately 1.5K Units of electricity per kWh annually
  • Helping in being the electricity-free and green energy-independent owner
Haryana Solar System Subsidy Schem, Om Solar

Want To Install an Inverter Connected Solar System on Your Home? 

An inverter-assisted solar panel system provides intuitive benefits to homeowners including electricity availability even power cut duration, long solar panel life, and huge cost savings annually. 

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