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Difference Between Net Metering and Gross Metering

Difference Between Net Metering and Gross Metering

Generating power is simpler than ever. Drastic price decline inside the remaining decade, blended with coverage incentives for rooftop structures, have allowed customers to put in a sun system on their rooftops.

Bringing solar panels for domestic uses has its own benefits that a whole family could leverage. 

With the options available for either going for Net Metering or Gross Metering electricity modules, consumers can choose one module when they install a solar company

In this blog, we will learn both modules with examples and learn which module is better to choose when solar installation in Haryana

A.  Gross Metering 

What is Gross metering? 

Gross metering is an association in which a consumer is compensated at a set feed-in-tariff for the whole variety of devices of solar strength generated and exported to the grid and has to pay the electricity distribution corporation (discom) at retail supply tariff for the energy fed on from the grid. The feed-in-tariff and retail supply tariff generally come in different charges.

B.  Net Metering 

What is Net metering? 

Net metering is an association wherein energy exports are adjusted towards imports, decreasing the electricity bill, such that, the energy produced is deducted from the entire power fed over a hard and fast time period. 

Suppose the exported electricity is higher than the imported electricity. In that case, a consumer can also or won’t be compensated for the excess electricity being fed into the grid (depending upon a nation’s net metering coverage).

Who Should Be Thinking of Gross and Net Metering Modules

  • Rooftop solar developers
  • Potential solar rooftop consumers
  • Distribution companies
  • State Electricity Regulatory Commissions

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Case Study 

In order to learn clearly about the net metering vs gross metering modules. 

I have explained with an example with fictional numbers and charges. 

Gross Metering

Monthly import from grid (kWh)Payment to discord for import from the grid (INR)Monthly export from solar rooftop (kWh)Payment from discom for export to grid (INR)Net payment by consumer to discom (INR) (D-B)

Net Metering 

Monthly import from grid (kWh)Monthly export from solar rooftop (kWh)Net export (INR) (B-A)Net payment to dicom to consumer (INR) (D-B)

Generally, out of these two electricity modules, net metering is preferable because it comes with a money-saving advantage for domestic consumers. 

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