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Lighting Your Way: 10 Tips to Choose the Right Solar EPC Company in India

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Solar power projects are big, therefore choosing the right solar engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) company is vital. EPC partner selection can affect project efficiency, durability, and performance.

Choosing a solar EPC firm requires careful consideration of several criteria. An EPC, or Energy Production Contract, lets people and businesses lease their land or rooftops for green energy system installation and maintenance.

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Each company has its specialty, but they all provide site evaluation and design, equipment procurement, project management, and maintenance checks. Therefore, careful research is essential before choosing an EPC provider. Today, we will discuss ten essential recommendations for choosing the best Indian solar EPC business. These recommendations ensure a successful solar experience.

What is EPC?

EPC’s primary support is focused on off-site energy production, particularly photovoltaics (PV). EPC is an ideal choice for business property owners or occupants who want to generate energy. An energy company may lease your property to a third party under an Energy Performance Contract (EPC). The third company will then install a photovoltaic (PV) system on the roof. With this arrangement, the lessee may generate enough electricity for the leased premises while also making a profit by selling any extra power back to the public grid. That means there is no need for you to own or rent the system. Furthermore, it eliminates the need to engage electricians to dig utility poles and route cables, which saves money.

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What differentiates EPC from a regular solar installer?

When picking between an EPC and a solar installer, consider the following factors:

  • If you have a roof that can handle a PV system or want to reap the benefits of having your own PV system, EPC is an excellent option.
  • If your home already has a grid-connected system or if you do not have a suitable roof, hiring a solar installer may be a more appropriate option.
  • With an EPC, you may easily create power without the requirement for installation, saving you time, money, and potential risks.
  • An EPC company has the experience to help you choose the best system for your specific needs. For example, certain EPC firms specialize in large-scale solar EPC projects that use concentrated solar power (CSP) technology. This device uses lenses to focus sunlight on a boiler in a tower, resulting in the production of steam that powers a turbine.

Qualities to Look for in an EPC Company 

India is home to a majority of local solar panel suppliers and vendors, but there can be significant differences in terms of deliverability and the quality of services offered. 

Here are some key highlights that you can expect from a reputable EPC company: 

  • Overview of the website 
  • Solar financing options 
  • Post-sales management 
  • Setting up a solar power plant 
  • Assistance with maximizing the benefits of solar sponsorship programs 
  • Government support for solar panel installation 
  • Procuring and acquiring all solar equipment Calculating and designing solar power plant installation capacity

Why Choose EPC over Solar Installer?

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Here are some factors that may convince you if you should choose EPC instead of solar installer:

● If you already have a roof that can support a PV system, or if you want the benefits of owning your own PV system, EPC is a good option.

● On the other hand, if your home already has a grid-connected system or you do not have a suitable roof, a solar installer may be a better option.

● An EPC allows you to generate power while avoiding the hassle, cost, and risk of installing your system.

● An EPC company can help you identify the right type of system for your needs. For example, some EPC companies specialize in large-scale solar EPC projects that use concentrated solar power (CSP) technology, which uses lenses to focus sunlight onto a tower’s boiler, generating steam. is produced which runs the turbine.

Tips for choosing the best solar EPC firm include

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Take your time reading below several important recommendations to learn more about selecting the best Solar EPC Company in Kanpur:

1: Learn about the company’s capabilities.

Any solar project’s ability to succeed depends on the EPC company’s extensive experience and knowledge. Learn about the company’s history, accomplishments in the past, and expertise in overseeing a variety of solar systems. A Solar EPC Company in Kanpur with a solid background in the EPC industry is more likely to offer a dependable and profitable solar solution.

Step 2: Check the company’s portfolio and track record

Valuable insights about a company’s capabilities can be obtained by carefully evaluating its prior performance and body of work. Look for finished projects that are comparable to yours, evaluate their scope, and find out how well they worked. A robust portfolio showcases the organization’s proficiency in handling diverse project obstacles and attaining favorable outcomes.

Tip 3: Consider the company’s certifications and accreditation

Obtaining certifications and accreditations is indicative of an EPC company’s commitment to upholding industry-wide quality and compliance requirements. Obtaining certification from reputable organizations such as the Solar Rating and Certification Corporation (SRCC) and the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) is crucial for the company.

Tip 4: Evaluate the financial health of the company.

An EPC company’s financial stability has a big impact on its trustworthiness. Examine the company’s financial records, stability over the long term, and partnerships with respectable financial institutions to gauge its overall financial health. Selecting a trustworthy EPC partner raises the likelihood of keeping promises and completing projects on time and under budget.

Tip 5: Assess the company’s technology and partnerships

The technological prowess and collaborations of the EPC organization provide witness to its commitment to innovation. Examine the company’s familiarity with the most recent developments in solar technology and apparatus, as well as how successfully it integrated them into the project.

Tip 6: Look for positive reviews and references

References from previous clients and customer evaluations are quite helpful in determining how satisfied those clients were. View case studies, testimonials, and references provided by the EPC business. A company is more likely to deliver a great experience for your solar project if it has a track record of favorable evaluations and happy clients.

Tip 7: Assess the company’s safety and quality assurance strategy

For any solar project, maintaining high standards and ensuring safety are crucial. Analyze how closely the EPC firm follows industry standards, safety guidelines, and quality control processes. Our first concern is making sure your Solar Installation in UP lasts a long time and is reliable because we value quality and safety a great deal.

Tip 8: Consider the company’s after-sales support and maintenance

The relationship with the EPC business goes beyond the conclusion of the project. Evaluate the maintenance and post-purchase support offered by the company. Your solar system’s long-term effectiveness and efficiency depend on selecting a solar energy installation company that offers thorough post-installation assistance.

Tip 9: Compare Company Pricing and Contract Terms

It is crucial to thoroughly assess the pricing and contract terms, even though price shouldn’t be the only consideration. A transparent, competitive pricing structure and well-defined contract conditions are crucial to prevent unpleasant shocks and promote mutually beneficial cooperation.

Tip 10: Trust your gut and choose a comfortable company

Lastly, have faith in your instincts. Engage in conversation with the group to assess their responsiveness, communication abilities, and the degree of comfort you have working with them. A successful working relationship is essential for a solar project to be successful.

Om Solar Solutions is a well-known solar EPC company that focuses on offering the best solar installation services in Uttar Pradesh. Our business offers full rooftop solar installation services with the goal of optimizing effectiveness and managing resources. Get in touch with our house solar solutions specialists in Uttar Pradesh for whatever company work or solution you require!

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Conclusion: Making an Informed Solar Project Decision

Sustainable energy solutions need choosing the right solar company. The Indian solar industry’s amazing growth is a major step toward a cleaner, brighter future. Consider experience, track record, certifications, financial stability, technical capabilities, customer reviews, safety measures, after-sales support, pricing, and your intuition to make a decision that leads to a successful solar project in India. In conclusion, don’t choose a company purely on price. Look for affordable, high-quality services. As a long-term, one-time investment, choose the finest solution. Before choosing, carefully consider which option meets your needs. Solar panels are incredibly efficient at lowering energy expenses. Make a tiny investment today to benefit later!

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