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Price of a 2 kW solar system in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh

2 kW solar system in Lucknow, Om Solar

The 2 kW solar system in Lucknow is an advanced and highly sought-after technology that has been the preferred option for many individuals for an extended period. A 2kW solar system is an optimal capacity for small residential properties, such as modest homes or apartments with two bedrooms and a hall (2BHK). The package comprises solar panels, a solar inverter, a solar battery, and various other solar accessories. The solar system can provide sufficient energy to operate all of your household appliances with a maximum load of 1600 watts, while also being environmentally advantageous.

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This solar system can create an average of 8 units per day. A shadow-free area of 12 square meters is required for the installation of the solar panel. This blog provides an in-depth overview of the Price of a 2 kW solar system in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, including its benefits, and specifications. It is advisable to familiarize yourself with this information before considering the installation of a 2kW system in your residence. 

 Exploring the Different Options for a 2 kW Solar System for Your Home.

Residential solar power systems in Lucknow come in three different types: on-grid, off-grid, and grid-tied with battery backup or hybrid options. Each system offers its unique benefits and features to meet the specific needs of homeowners. 

In the last ten years, solar technology has made remarkable advancements. There are various types of solar systems available to suit the specific needs of homeowners. If you’re in the market for a 2 kW solar system in Lucknow, you’ll find three available options to choose from. While these systems operate on the same photovoltaic principle, what distinguishes them from one another is their composition, including the specific solar components involved, as well as their set of unique features. 

Experience the benefits of an On-Grid Solar System, which not only provides long-term savings but also offers the convenience of grid connection. With this system, you can enjoy the best of both worlds – harnessing clean energy from the sun while still having the flexibility to rely on the grid when needed. Replace high electricity bills with a sustainable, affordable energy solution.

Experience the benefits of an Off-Grid Solar System that not only provides long-term savings but also offers the added security of battery backup to keep you powered up during unexpected power outages. Give up the grid and gain energy independence.

Experience the perfect blend of off-grid and on-grid solar energy systems with our Hybrid Solar System. Harness the power of the sun like never before as we bring you the best of both worlds. Say goodbye to limitations and embrace the freedom and reliability that our innovative system provides. Whether you’re looking to reduce your carbon footprint or ensure an uninterrupted power supply, our Hybrid Solar System is the ultimate solution for your energy needs.

The 2kW solar system operates on an on-grid model.

On-grid solar panels in India are affordable and low-maintenance. This 2 kW system is affordable and easy to maintain. This solution offers simplicity and flexibility with net metering.

Many homeowners use grid-connected solar power systems to switch to solar power. It’s extensively used and lets you smoothly integrate solar energy into your home. Solar panels can lower your electricity bills significantly with an on-grid setup.

After your solar panels harness the sun’s power, the inverter takes over. This smart device turns your panels’ DC electricity into AC power for your appliances. The inverter helps you maximize solar electricity and enjoy sustainable energy. If you create more power than your home requires, you can export it to the grid for solar credits. You can import electricity from the grid on days when solar energy output is poor. Following net metering policy standards and price, your monthly utility bills track and document energy export and import.

A 2 kW solar system price is also affordable. This is because it has fewer parts and is easier to install and maintain. Solar panels and inverters are essential for on-grid architecture. 

Introducing the Off-Grid Model of a 2 kW Solar System

If your home cannot connect to the grid or has regular power disruptions, an off-grid solar system is ideal. However, solar storage batteries significantly raise the cost of a 2 kW solar panel installation in India.

Off-grid or stand-alone solar power systems operate independently from the grid. This technique is ideal for isolated households without grid access. Our method provides year-round electricity with solar batteries. A well-designed off-grid system meets your home’s daily electrical needs and charges your batteries independently. This takes several solar panels to create enough power. A 2 kW off-grid solar system in India costs more than an on-grid unit for several reasons.

An off-grid system protects your home from power disruptions. Since your home runs on solar energy, you won’t have to pay electricity bills. 

Introducing the Hybrid Model of a 2 KW Solar System

A hybrid model combines grid-connected and off-grid features. Net metering lets you earn solar credits and use battery backups.

With a hybrid solar system, you get the best of both worlds: on-grid and off-grid benefits. A hybrid system can import and export power through net metering and is connected to the local grid. Your solar system is smoothly linked with solar batteries, ensuring a solid electrical backup for future needs. Even during outages, a 2 kW hybrid Solar System can power your home. Not only does it generate cheap solar electricity, but it also lets you earn solar credits by transmitting excess energy to the grid.

A hybrid model needs solar panels, a net metering bi-directional meter, a battery bank, and a hybrid inverter.

Benefits of a 2-kilowatt Solar Panel System

Consider these facts if you want to install a 2-kilowatt solar panel system in your home.

  • The average 2 kW solar system generates 8-10 power units each day. This is 240-300 units each month and 2880-3600 per year.
  • Most solar businesses offer 25-year performance warranties on solar panels and 5-10-year product warranties on other components.
  • Only hybrid and on-grid solar energy systems are regulated by net metering.
  • State and central subsidies are only available for hybrid and on-grid solar systems. Off-grid solar is not eligible for any subsidies.
  • Small homes like 2bhk o equivalents can be powered by a 2-kilowatt solar panel installation. It powers 8-10 LED lights, 3-4 fans, 1 TV, 1 AC, and 1 refrigerator. Three people will get enough energy. This system requires only 200 square feet of shade-free space to install.

A high-quality 2 kW solar panel system can usually pay for itself in 6-8 years through savings. From day one of installation, you’ll have cheap solar electricity and lower utility bills. Going solar is beneficial and offers tremendous returns on a 2 kW solar plant’s upfront cost. Other benefits:

  1. Low maintenance cost: Solar systems from skilled and trusted solar energy companies are extremely efficient and warranty-backed, reducing maintenance costs. Their design maximizes energy output without heavy maintenance. Cleaning your panels monthly and undergoing preventive checkups will keep your solar system running well for 25 years.
  1. An abundant power source: Even in winter and rainy days, most of India gets enough sunlight. You can capture as much sunlight as you want without paying for power.
  1. Environmental benefits: Solar power generation is environmentally friendly because it uses renewable resources. Solar energy reduces fossil fuel use and carbon emissions.

Price list for a 2 kilowatt (kW) solar system.

Recently, there has been a change in the cost of all solar systems, even those with a capacity of 2kW. The cost of a solar system is contingent upon the specific type of system being purchased or installed.

Nevertheless, the cost of a solar system is determined by the price per watt, with the price range for a 2kW solar system starting at Rs.57.05 and reaching up to Rs.90.02 per watt, varying according to the type of solar system.

2 kW solar system in Lucknow, Om Solar
Solar SystemSelling PricePrice Per Watt
On-Grid Solar SystemRs. 1,14,147Rs. 57.07
Off-Grid Solar SystemRs. 1,61,311Rs. 80.65
Hybrid Solar SystemRs. 1,80,055Rs. 90.02

Note: Prices are inclusive of all taxes and can vary ± 10% to 12% depending on location, promotions, availability, and solar brand. Prices are exclusive of Govt. The subsidy, as the subsidy on solar systems, depends on your eligibility and type of solar system.

Subsidy on 2kW Solar System

The government has been offering subsidies on solar systems for a considerable period to enhance their affordability, in response to recent fluctuations in solar pricing. By installing a 2kW on-grid or hybrid solar system at your home, you can receive a subsidy of up to 40%. The subsidy rate is subject to variation based on the solar policy of your state and the purpose of your installation.

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This article shows how a 2 kW solar system may create 8 units per day for small residential properties. Net metering makes on-grid solar energy integration affordable and flexible for homeowners. Solar batteries raise off-grid costs. The hybrid has net metering and solid battery backup. Despite costing Rs. 57.05 to Rs. 90.02 per watt, solar systems offer long-term savings, environmental benefits, and up to 40% government subsidies. Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh citizens can choose a sustainable and cost-effective energy solution that suits their needs and preferences, whether they want energy independence or carbon reduction.

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Stop worrying about your electricity bill with Om Solar Solutions 2kW Solar Installation Services in Kanpur, Lucknow, and other UP cities today. Solar Company In Lucknow offers free site surveys, consulting, and engineer-designed solar solutions. 

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