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7 kW Solar System Price in Uttar Pradesh With Subsidy

7 kW Solar System Price in Uttar Pradesh With Subsidy

A 7000-watt solar system contains highly efficient solar panels that also have batteries for storage and backup generally cater to design to meet high power demand subjects like commercial setup projects, to run large offices, shops, and factories can think of installing a 7kW solar system in Uttar Pradesh.

7kW solar panels are large and require higher shade-free space than 5kW solar systems which are 40% more efficient and power large appliances for a longer time. 

Surprisingly, this sun power system generates 50 kWh /units a day using sun power with batteries provided to supply power in emergency and night operations. The 96V solar battery can store 18,000 watts of electricity in a single day. 

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Highlights of 7kW solar system for homeowners:

  • The system is capable of generating an average of 40 units a day.
  • 550 to 750 sq. feet of rooftop space required installation.
  • The ROI is incredible as it has a 5-year Payback return period.
  • You can save Rs. 11000 electricity every month.

How many solar panels are in a 7kW Solar System?

7 kW Solar System Price in Uttar Pradesh, Om Solar

Well, a 7kW solar system requires an adequate workforce as panels are big and in major quantities. You can choose the type of solar panel you want to install for your 7kW solar system in Kanpur. 

A general overview of types of solar panels with the quantity required for 7kW installation are Follow – 

  • Super High-Efficiency Solar Panel – 16
  • Polycrystalline Solar Panel – 21
  • Monocrystalline Solar Panel – 18

Specifications of 7kW Solar Panel System

  • Plant Capacity: 7kW
  • PV Module in Watt: 430 Watts
  • Solar Panel Quantity: 20
  • Inverter Power: 7.5KA
  • Inverter Warranty: 5 years
  • Battery Capacity: 150Ah Solar Battery
  • Battery Warranty: 5 years

Components Required For 7kW System Development and Installation in Uttar Pradesh

Nothing more or less needed to set up a 7000 watt system in your rooftop area or shade-free area. A general requirement mentioned below. 

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  1.  Solar Panel 
  2.  Panel Stand 
  3.  Fastener 
  4.  MC4 Connector – 5 pcs. 
  5.  DCDB Box 
  6.  DC Wire 
  7.  Inverter 
  8.  Battery 
  9.  Heat Slip – Wire Size 
  10.  PVC Pipe 
  11.  Holding Clip 
  12.  Gitti for DCDB 
  13.  PVC Tape 
  14.  ACDB – Grid & Inverter 
  15.  Earthing – Lighting Arrester

7kW Solar Panel Price In Uttar Pradesh With Subsidy

The cost of the 7kW solar system price in Uttar Pradesh is Rs. 4,80,000 inclusive of all taxes and govt. charges such as GST, Transportation, Installation, and other warranty charges on subjects like AMC. 

Remember, there is no subsidy scheme or offering for off-grid connection. The beneficiaries can only avail the benefits of subsidy on only on-grid connection systems. 

7kW Grid Connected System subsidy goes like this, you will get a 2 kW Solar System Price in Lucknow, UP.

For e.g. The total cost of installation of the 7kW system is Rs. 4,80,000. The subsidy sums will be like this. 

30% for 3kW which is 62,100

20% for 2kW which is 27,600

The total subsidy amount is Rs 89,700 which would be less from 4,80,000. The effective price would be Rs. 3,90,300. 

You can also talk to our expert for complete and reliable subsidy details for solar company in Lucknow

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