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How Much Does a 5kW Solar System Cost in Uttar Pradesh?

5kW Solar System Cost in Uttar Pradesh, Om Solar

Utilizing solar energy is a reliable method to significantly reduce your monthly electricity expenses. A 5-kilowatt solar panel installation in Lucknow is an optimal choice for effectively powering Indian homes and medium-load offices. In addition to significantly reducing power expenses, installing 5kW solar panels on your rooftop can greatly enhance the value of your property. By producing your electricity, you also liberate yourself from reliance on the power system.

A 5kW solar system is widely regarded as the prevailing solar system with a moderate capacity, and its popularity is steadily increasing. Due to its extensive popularity, it is a perfect option for 2BHK, 3BHK, and other homes of medium size, and it is straightforward to install as shown in the Step-by-Step Guide. The price of a 5kW solar system in India varies depending on the specific type of system. The price of a 5kW solar system is contingent upon the kind and make of the solar system. This blog will specifically address the various classifications of solar systems.

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Categories of Solar Power Systems

  1. A 5 kilowatt (Off-Grid) solar system equipped with a battery.

Off-grid solar systems are battery-powered, self-contained solar systems that do not rely on a utility grid to function. The solar system is made up of solar panels, a battery, and a solar inverter, and it provides a complete solution. The pricing of a 5kw solar inverter in UP is very affordable. This solar system is notable for its inclusion of a power backup. The price of a 5kw solar panel in Lucknow varies depending on the brand, and it includes a subsidy.

An off-grid solar system, similar to any other, utilizes a solar panel to capture sunlight and transform it into electricity. Throughout the day, solar energy will supply the linked load, while any excess energy will be stored in the solar battery. During nighttime, in the absence of sunlight, the appliances rely on the battery to maintain their operation.

Components: To determine the cost of a 5kw off-grid solar system, it is essential to have a clear understanding of the necessary components that the system relies on. The items in question are:

  • Photovoltaic module
  • Photovoltaic Inverter
  • Photovoltaic Energy Storage System

Advantages: Over time, an off-grid system proves to be a prudent financial investment. The 5kw solar panel price in India will vary based on the components. These solar panels are reliable, efficient, and environmentally sustainable. It can generate sufficient electricity for your household without resulting in a power failure. This will be a cost-effective option as the price of a 5kw solar system in India, with subsidies, is rather low.

5kW Solar System (On-Grid) Without Battery

The on-grid solar system, sometimes referred to as the grid-tied or connected solar system, is directly linked to the electrical grid. Regarding power conservation and cost reduction, this particular solar system is the most economically efficient option when compared to off-grid and hybrid systems. The solar inverter converts the direct current (DC) power produced by the solar panels into alternating current (AC) electricity in this solar system.

System Components: The necessary elements for the system to operate include:

  • Photovoltaic module
  • Photovoltaic Inverter
  • Supporting Framework


One of the advantages is that solar panels that are installed on the grid are eligible for a government subsidy of up to eighty percent. It is powered entirely by solar energy, which is created by solar panels, and it sends any excess solar energy to the larger grid. effective in terms of cost because the price of a 5-kilowatt solar inverter in India is relatively low.

Hybrid solar systems

To ensure the necessary power supply for the house or property, employ both the city’s electrical infrastructure and an integrated battery.

The 5KW solar panel is a popular inverter version. These inverters are installed by leading solar panels for homes in Lucknow companies in India, such as Om Solar Solution. Although the basic functionality of the device remains the same, the prices of these products vary depending on the manufacturer and installer. These units are often used in medium to large-sized homes, as well as small business buildings or individual commercial establishments.

Here are several advantages of purchasing a 5KW solar panel system

Refund policy

The installation of a solar panel system can result in a substantial reduction in your monthly electricity expenses. Although the expense of a solar panel system deters many individuals from purchasing one, it is possible to recoup the original investment of a 5KW solar panel system within 3-4 years.


Solar panels are accompanied by warranties that typically span 10 to 12 years. Nevertheless, it is not necessary to replace your solar panel upon the expiration of its warranty. Solar panels have a potential lifespan of 20-25 years, assuming regular checks are conducted either annually or bi-annually.

Every single application

Solar panels produce electricity that can be utilized for various electrical needs. The Rooftop Solar panel in Lucknow is capable of efficiently supplying power to your entire household and fulfilling all your daily energy needs, ranging from charging your phone to operating a hairdryer.

Price of a 5kW solar panel in Uttar Pradesh.

The cost of a 5 kW solar panel in Lucknow is quite competitive as a result of the availability of solar energy resources that are available in the region. The typical price of a 5 kW solar panel in Lucknow can range anywhere from ₹ 3.2 lakhs to ₹ 4.2 lakhs, taking into consideration several parameters such as the type of solar panel, the brand, and other elements. To arrive at an accurate estimate of the total cost, it is necessary to take into account not only the cost of installation but also the cost of other components, such as wiring, mounting structures, and other components. Solar power in Lucknow is becoming increasingly popular as an alternative to conventional sources of energy, and a growing number of individuals are opting to make investments in solar power to lower their monthly reliance on electricity.

Generation and Savings of a 5kW Solar System.
5kW Solar System Cost in Uttar Pradesh, Om Solar
Solar System GenerationUnits ApproxSaving
5kw Solar System Per Day26 Units170-220 RS. Per Day
5kw Solar System Per Months780 Units4700 – 6600 RS. Per Month
5kw Solar System Per Year9,360 Units56000 – 79,200 RS. Per Year


Solar panels will be crucial in the future. With urbanization and pollution rising, solar energy helps UP residents survive. Solar panels provide economical, consistent 24-hour electricity for homes and businesses. Thus, solar energy is making Uttar Pradesh a sustainable urban center and a pioneer in the renewable energy revolution, which is crucial to the country’s long-term growth.

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Over the past few years, Lucknow home solar panel prices have fluctuated. Prices drop, and more Solar Power Systems in Lucknow are built. Technology has reduced solar panel prices. Solar energy is renewable and pollution-free, making it a viable alternative to traditional energy sources. For those looking to cut energy costs, solar systems may power a whole home. With solar panel prices falling, many Lucknow residents can afford them.

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