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The Cost of a 7 kW Solar System in UP: Exploring Subsidy Options

The Cost of a 7 kW Solar System in UP, Om Solar

Solar power is increasingly becoming popular as a sustainable and eco-friendly energy source. Due to the growing need for environmentally friendly alternatives, solar panels have emerged as a feasible choice for residential and commercial properties in India.  Solar panels consist of photovoltaic (PV) cells that transform sunlight into electrical energy. Solar panels generate electricity that can be utilized to supply energy to residential and commercial buildings, as well as to contribute surplus power to the electrical grid. This blog post will examine the 7kW solar panel system, its advantages, and the cost, encompassing the incentives provided to promote its adoption. Purchasing a 7kW solar panel system can be a substantial stride towards achieving energy self-sufficiency and minimizing one’s carbon emissions.

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Price of a 7 kW solar system in Uttar Pradesh (UP) including subsidy.

A 7 kW solar system comprises highly efficient solar panels equipped with batteries for storage and backup. These systems are primarily designed to meet the high power demands of commercial setups such as large offices, shops, and factories. Those considering installing a 7kW solar system in Uttar Pradesh can benefit from its capabilities.

7kW solar panels have a larger physical size and need a more unobstructed area compared to 5kW solar systems. However, 5kW solar systems are 40% more effective and can provide power to larger appliances for longer. 

Remarkably, this solar power system produces 50 kilowatt-hours every day utilizing solar energy and is equipped with batteries to give electricity during emergencies and nighttime operations. The 96V solar battery can store 18,000 watts of electricity throughout 24 hours. 

Key features of a 7kW solar system for homeowners:

  • The system can produce an average of 40 units each day.
  • The installation requires a rooftop space of 550 to 750 square feet.
  • The return on investment (ROI) is remarkable, with a payback period of 5 years.
  • You have the potential to reduce your monthly electricity expenses by Rs. 11000.

What is the quantity of solar panels required for a 7kW Solar System?

A 7kW solar system necessitates a sufficient labor force due to the large size and significant quantity of panels involved. For your 7kW solar system in Kanpur, you have the option to select the specific type of solar panel you wish to install. 

The following is a comprehensive review of the various types of solar panels and the amount required for a 7kW installation. 

16 Super High Efficiency Solar Panel.

The efficiency of a polycrystalline solar panel is 21%, while the efficiency of a monocrystalline solar panel is 18%.

Technical details of a 7kW solar panel system.

The Cost of a 7 kW Solar System in UP, Om Solar
  • The plant has a capacity of 7 kilowatts.
  • Photovoltaic (PV) Power output of the module: 430 Watts.
  • Number of solar panels: 20 Power capacity of the inverter: 7.5 Kiloamperes. Warranty period for the inverter: 5 years.
  • Battery Specifications: The battery has a capacity of 150Ah and is specifically designed for solar applications. The warranty for the battery is valid for 5 years.

Benefits of 7kW Solar Panel System

Cost savings: A 7kW solar panel system generates a lot of electricity, lowering electricity bills. Homes and businesses can reduce grid dependence and rising electricity bills by using solar energy.

Solar energy is clean and renewable, emitting no hazardous gases. Installing a 7kW solar panel system reduces greenhouse gas emissions and fights climate change.

Energy Independence: Generating your electricity reduces grid dependence. With a 7kW solar panel system, you can generate a lot of your energy, increasing energy independence.

Long-Term Investment: Solar panels last 25–30 years. Investing in a 7kW solar panel system can yield electricity savings and cash from excess power generation over time.

Types of 7kW Solar System

On-grid, off-grid, and hybrid 7kW solar systems are available. All of the above solar systems use solar energy, although their costs vary by type, company, and features. They typically cost 4–7 lakhs. The price includes solar panels, inverters, batteries, and other parts. Not all 7 kW solar systems need batteries, only off-grid and hybrid. Moving from a 7kW on-grid solar system to an off-grid or hybrid one increases expense.

Here is the brief of three types of 7 kW solar system

7kW on-grid solar system: On-grid solar uses the grid. Direct current is generated by solar panels. Solar inverters convert direct current to alternating current. The utility grid receives alternating electricity from the solar inverter. The grid powers domestic appliances. Additionally, a 7 kW on-grid solar system has a net meter to track energy production and consumption. This system bills monthly.

7kW Off-grid solar system: Off-grid solar systems trap solar energy like 7kW on-grid systems. This system does not store extra electricity on a grid. Unused power is stored in batteries. Off-grid solar systems are pricey but provide uninterrupted service when the grid is down. The greatest option for sun-sensitive areas. A 7 kW off-grid solar system is bill-free.

7kW Hybrid Solar System: It is clear from its name what it is. All of the characteristics of both an on-grid and an off-grid solar system are the components that make up the hybrid solar system. This is the reason why it was the most expensive of all the options.

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Investing in a 7kW solar panel system in India, taking advantage of the existing subsidies, is a wise choice for ensuring a sustainable future. The case studies showcased the beneficial effects of solar energy on individuals, educational organizations, and commercial establishments. Adhering to appropriate maintenance protocols can optimize the durability and effectiveness of the system. With the continuous advancement of solar technology, we may expect improved efficiency and integration possibilities, leading to a future that is both brighter and cleaner, powered by the sun. Adopting solar electricity from Om Solar is a prudent decision that is both ecologically conscious and financially advantageous in the future.

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