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How to Choose the Right Solar Company in Kanpur, UP

Solar Company in Kanpur

Well, solar energy is one of the most admired and globally made inventions. A system that naturally provides energy to light the area under the Sun as well. Since this natural power generation process starts with the help of the sun, it is also very cost-effective. Because of its highly consumed battery power to store the sun’s thermal light, this system further produces electricity to provide electrical energy.

Kanpur city contains the best leather and textile industries in India which helps in creating a better economy rate in India. And with the bad air pollution of Uttar Pradesh, people want the best solution. So many companies in Kanpur started solar panel businesses to utilize solar energy for supplying lights at low cost. In Kanpur, you will find countless solar energy companies that provide the best solar panels for homes and factories.

But finding the best among them is difficult, isn’t it? That’s why we have created this blog for you so that you can choose the right solar company in Kanpur, UP.

Tips For Choosing The Best Solar Company in Kanpur

It is harder to choose the best solar company than to choose the best solar panel for your solar project. A good starting point is to choose a solar contractor that meets the minimum requirements of the state licensing board: licensed, insured and bonded, with no negative blackmarks on their record.

Don’t base your purchase solely on people’s reviews or customer ratings – many solar installation companies provide incentives for those reviews. It’s nice to have professional certifications like NABCEP, but they don’t guarantee a great installation. You need to do a little research to find the best solar power company.

Check out solar power systems installation quality, equipment options and warranties. Before signing a solar power agreement, verify that the contract has everything the sales representative promised you regarding upfront costs, warranties, and solar equipment. Above all, the solar contract must guarantee energy output and warranties against any installation defects in your residential solar project.

So What Question to Ask Solar Installers or Companies Before Purchase

Before doing anything, ask these questions and get honest and genuine answers from companies.

Q1.  How long have you been in the solar panel business?

– The older the business is the more trustable (3 years or more is good)

Q2. Do they have all the necessary business licenses and insurance policies for your state and locality?

– Ask for proof, and check with the state licensing board.

Q3. Are you NABCEP certified?

– It is like being a board-certified surgeon and is a voluntary certification.

Q4. Do they design and install the system themselves or do they subcontract to local companies?

– Many solar industries use subcontractors for solar installation. Check that subcontractors are properly licensed.

Q5. Ask them if I can review your contract and all leases & power purchase agreements (PPAs)? Inquire about warranty and replacement/repair procedures.

–  Contracts and agreements are legally binding and should be read carefully. Make sure you understand what you are getting from the solar company and how much you are paying. See Warranty Details and Production Guarantees and replacement/repair procedures.

Q6. Ask which solar panel and inverter brand do they use?

– Solar panel brands vary widely in degradation over time, and the fault inverter can compromise your solar panel output. Make sure the solar panel company uses the best and most qualified solar panel technology.

What Should I Look for In Reviews?

Five-star reviews can be great for choosing a restaurant, but you need more than unreliable stories to choose the best solar company or contractor in Kanpur, UP. Check review sites, but specifically, search for negative reviews and see how solar installers responded to issues.

This is one of the most important factors because how a contractor or company handles problems when something goes wrong speaks to their customer service manner.

Do I Need the Fastest Installer?

Don’t be surprised by the promises of quick installation. Always choose a careful installation process in the race to the finish line, and choose quality solar over cheap solar. Conversely, avoid the overly powered slow installer. 

Be Home for Your Site Evaluation

Great installers do excellent site evaluations in person after you sign the contract, and this will reveal potential roofing or electrical issues. Certainly, be present for the site survey and consult with the technician about your project. Therefore, do not choose a company that conducts remote or satellite image-based surveys.

5 Tips for Getting the Good Solar Quotes

  • Look for solar companies with many years of experience and a positive track record
  • Choose Authorized Dealers from Solar Panel Manufacturers for Extended Warranty
  • Choose a local company or nearby locations (30-50 miles radius) for faster service calls
  • Get the datasheet of the solar panels they are quoting from upfront price per watt and minimum cost are not the only considerations. Warranty and panel degradation rate are also important
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Can You Recommend a Solar Company in Kanpur?

Below we’ve compiled a fair list of the 7 best solar contractors names in Kanpur, UP and the best solar companies in the national supply chain. Our research produced sound recommendations for our audience, free of sponsorship. You can choose from this list or you can search more.

Here is the list of the 5 best solar companies in Kanpur City

  1. Relax India Group
  2. Om Solar Solutions
  3. Blue Bird Solar Panels and PCU’s
  4. Saur Urja Kendra
  5. UTL Solar Shoppe

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