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Price list of 6kW solar system in Uttar Pradesh

Price list of 6kW solar system in Uttar Pradesh

A 6kW solar system is the most common medium-capacity solar system, and its popularity is increasing every day. Due to its wide acceptance, it is a perfect choice for medium-sized homes, offices, and commercial buildings that are easy to install as demonstrated in the step-by-step guide. The price of a 6kW solar system in India depends on the type of system.

As the step-by-step guide to solar panel installation is explained, 6kW solar system prices in Uttar Pradesh will be explained. There are three types of 6kW solar systems available. The first solar system is on the grid, the second is off-grid, and the third is hybrid. The cost of a 6kW solar system is determined by the type and brand of the solar system. In this blog, we will look at the price list of solar systems in Uttar Pradesh.

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Types of Solar Power Systems in Uttar Pradesh:

6kW (off-grid) Solar System

An off-grid solar system is a battery-based, self-contained solar system that does not require a utility grid to work. It is a comprehensive solar system consisting of solar panels, a battery, and a solar inverter. 6kw solar system price in India is also cheap. This solar system is different because it has a power backup. The price of a 6kw solar system with a subsidy in India varies by brand.

An off-grid solar system, like any other, uses a solar panel to receive sunlight and convert it into electricity. During the day, solar power will power the connected load, with the rest of the energy stored in the solar battery. When there is no sunlight at night, the devices use the battery to work.

Off-Grid 6kW Solar System Components:

To estimate the cost of an off-grid 5kw solar system, you must understand the components that the system requires to work. They are:

Price list of 6kW solar system, Om Solar
  1. solar panels
  2. solar inverter
  3. solar battery


In the long term, off-grid systems are a smart investment. It is reliable, cost-efficient, and eco-friendly, and the 6kW Off-Grid Solar Panel Price in Lucknow will depend on the features. It can provide enough power to your home without power cuts. It will be cost-effective as the price of a 6kw solar system with a subsidy is low in Uttar Pradesh.

Pricing: The cost of a 6kw off-grid solar system price is somewhere around INR 4.50 Lakh & 75 INR/Watt

6kW (On-Grid) Solar System 

On-grid solar systems, also known as connected solar systems, are connected to the power grid. In terms of electricity savings or bill reduction, it is the most cost-effective setup of the solar system as compared to off-grid. In this solar system, the solar inverter converts the DC power generated by the solar panels into AC electricity.

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On-Grid 6 kW Solar System Component:

The components required for the system to conduct are:

  1. solar panels
  2. solar inverter
  3. mounting structure


Solar panels installed on the grid are qualified for government subsidy of up to 60%. It uses 100% solar energy generated by solar panels and exports excess solar energy to the grid. The 6 kW On-Grid Solar Panel price in Kanpur is cost-effective due to its cheap price.

Pricing: The cost of a 6kw on-grid solar system price is somewhere around INR 3.60 Lakh & 60 INR/Watt

Here are some benefits of buying a 6KW solar panel system in Uttar Pradesh:

Money-Back Guarantee

Installing a solar panel system can make a major difference in your monthly electricity bill. While not many people buy solar panel systems because of their costs and maintenance, you can easily make an initial investment amount of a 6KW solar panel system in 3-4 years.


Solar panels come with a warranty of 10 to 12 years. However, this does not mean that you have to replace your solar panel at the end of your warranty period. Solar panels can easily last almost 20 to 25 years with complete inspections.


The electricity generated from solar panels can be used for all sorts of electrical requirements. From charging the phone to using a hairdryer, a solar panel can smoothly cover your home and all your daily necessities.

Hybrid Solar Systems

Hybrid solar systems use a city’s electrical grid and built-in batteries to ensure that a home or property has the power it needs.

One of the most popular varieties of inverters is the 6KW solar panel. Solar companies in Kanpur, such as Vari Energy Limited, Loom Solar, Vikram Solar, Tata Solar, etc., produce these powerful solar systems. While the main function of the product remains the same. 

The cost of solar panels varies among manufacturers. These units are often used in medium to large-sized homes, small commercial buildings, or individual business outlets.

Here’s a price list of 6kW solar power installations from Solar Company in Kanpur/UP

Power TypeCost Per WattTotal Cost
On-grid60 INR/Watt3,60,000 INR
Off-grid75 INR/Watt4,50,000 INR
Hybrid85 INR/Watt5,10,000 INR

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