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Solar Panel Subsidy in UP:- Govt. Subsidy for Rooftop Solar Systems

Solar Panel Subsidy in UP

Solar Panel Subsidy in UP: Uttar Pradesh is one of the most important states in India with the highest solar capacity. The state is looking to set up solar parks in exclusive components of the nation on government land. 

As the government of Uttar Pradesh is readily promoting solar energy, the authority has proposed several benefits for solar buyers with attractive subsidy schemes in UP. 

In this blog, you will learn about solar panel subsidies in UP. And how to avail the government solar panel subsidy for a rooftop solar system for your home. 

What Is the Rooftop solar panel subsidy in UP?

To put it simply, any homeowner with a capacity of 1kW to 10kW can get a solar panel subsidy from the UP government for installation of rooftop-based solar panel connections. 

The government offers a specific subsidy amount on solar system capacity. The various range of subsidy rates as follow: 

  • Up to 3kW – 40% subsidy 
  • Above 3kW to upto 10kW – 20% subsidy
  • Above 10kW – No subsidy scheme

Generally, the 3kW solar system is considered the best solar project installation for residential. 

In the event, you feel confused about choosing the right solar system for your home, contact our expert for consultation. 

UP Government Subsidy Offers For Solar System 

Firstly, the subsidy for initial solar system capacity to 3kW renewable energy is set to be prevailed by 40% of the total cost of solar installation. 

Secondly, there is a 20% subsidy benefit for installation of solar systems of above 3kW up to 10kW. Above 10kW there is no subsidy benefit. 

S.No.No. of KW InstallationTotal CostCentral Govt. Cont.State Govt. Cont.Sum Cont.Consumer Cost

These schemes are applicable to institutional, residential, and social sectors. Moreover, it is not relevant to the industrial region, business region, and public zone undertakings.

How to Apply Solar panel Subsidy in UP?

After completing solar installation with a net metering agenda, you need to share critical information such as system details, manufacturer of solar panel & inverter details, and more to your electricity department. 

  • Submit Application for Solar Connection, there are two ways to submit application – Online & Offline.
  • Contact the Power Distribution Company (DISCOM), if you are the resistance of Uttar Pradesh.

Here’s simple process you can follow:

  • Consult with our solar expert engineers.
  • Brief your plan to them.
  • Buy a solar system and installation.
  • Apply for net metering.
  • File the application to the authority.
  • Get Solar Subsidy after 30 days.

What’s Next

Solar panel subsidies help homeowners to procure solar energy systems without the high-expensive constraint. 

Here, if you live in Uttar Pradesh, you can contact Om Solar Solutions for solar panel installation, engineer inspection, and much more.

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