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The Cost of 2kW Solar Panels in India with Subsidy

2kW Solar Panels in India, Om Solar

The 2kW solar system can link three modules and is economical and straightforward to install. A 2kw solar system can power residential premises, water pumps, fans, refrigerators, TVs, and outdoor lights. The complete setup includes solar panels, an inverter, and wiring. An in-depth analysis of the topic of 2kw solar panel price in India with a subsidy is presented in this article. Daily electricity production from a 2 kW solar system averages 8 kWh. These numbers show that a 2 kW solar system may generate 240 units per month and 2,880 per year.

What are the different kinds of 2kW solar systems?

Every homeowner possesses distinct desires, specifications, and fiscal limitations. Certain solar energy systems may not be capable of fulfilling a wide range of customer needs and specifications. Consequently, manufacturers of solar panels have created multiple iterations of 2kw solar systems. These are the commercially available varieties of 2kw solar systems.

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1. On-grid 2kw Solar System

On-grid 2kW solar systems are solar systems designed specifically to be connected to utility grids. This solar system allows you to reduce costs on your upcoming electricity bill by utilizing solar net metering. Put simply, you can transmit any surplus energy to the power grid, allowing the government to deduct the corresponding amount from your energy account in the subsequent billing cycle.

2. Off-grid 2kw Solar System

An off-grid solar system, in contrast to a 2kW solar system connected to the utility grid, functions independently and is not connected to or reliant on the utility grid. You possess the capacity to accumulate surplus energy generated by solar panels in batteries for future utilization, particularly in times of unpredictability.

3. Hybrid Solar System

A 2 kW hybrid solar system can be connected to both the electrical grid and solar batteries. By utilizing net metering, a 2 kW hybrid solar system can diminish your electricity expenses and provide auxiliary power in the event of power failures. It is important to note that the Indian government offers a 30% subsidy for hybrid and on-grid solar systems.

A 2 kW Solar Panel System and Its Benefits

  1. Operating a 2kW Solar Panel
  • Solar Energy Capture: Panel solar cells are the magic. Silicon semiconductors catch sunlight’s rays in cells.
  • The photovoltaic effect: Photons clash with cells, dislodging electrons and creating electricity. Inverters convert DC to usable AC.
  • Supplying Your Home with Power: The alternating current (AC) electricity produced is delivered to your home’s electrical panel to power appliances and lighting. Surplus energy can be stored in batteries or sold to the power grid for credit.
  1. A 2kW PV system’s benefits
  • Producing your green power can save your electricity costs by 50%. Imagine lower monthly expenses!
  • Solar energy is renewable and long-lasting, reducing our dependence on non-renewable energy and greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Produce your electricity to reduce power outages and energy dependence.
  • Environmentally conscious buyers value homes with solar panels, increasing their resale value.
  • Many countries offer tax credits or subsidies to encourage solar panel installation, making it more affordable.

Get the 2kw solar system price in India

When designing the first and most cost-effective solar option for your home, choose a 2 kW solar system. A 2kW solar plant can create approximately 300 kWh of electricity per month, which is sufficient to power a small 2bhk with a few appliances like 1 AC, fridge, and so on. Although the exact cost of a 2 kW solar system will vary based on a variety of factors, having an estimate is helpful. For solar panels 2kw price in india, it is better to contact a reliable Om Solar Solution a Solar Company in Kanpur rather than rely on a third-party source.

2kW Solar Panels in India, Om Solar
Solar System TypeCapacityPrice (Rs.)
On-grid2kW1,44,000 Onwards

Discover the 2kW Solar Panel System Price in India with Subsidy

Only On-grid solar systems receive Indian government incentives. A few conditions must be completed for the subsidy.

The Indian government only provides subsidies for ALMM-approved solar panels built in India. Subsidies are only available for individual residences and housing cooperatives. Residential solar projects should not exceed 10KW.

2kw solar panel price with subsidy reduces the cost of solar installations. India has two subsidy schemes: state and national. PM Modi unveiled the latter on July 30, 2022. Since the national subsidy is simpler, it will quickly replace the state subsidy. DBT is the national subsidy. DBT is Direct Benefit Transfer. This scheme deposits subsidies into users’ bank accounts within a month of commissioning. CFA estimates for 2000-watt solar panel pricing in India. To calculate the cost of solar for your house or workplace, contact a reputable solar firm.

Solar System TypeCapacityPrice (Rs.)Subsidy ApplicablePrices After Subsidy (Rs.)
On-grid solar system2kW1,44,000 Onwards*14,588 X 2 = 29,1761,14,824 Onwards*
Off-grid solar system2kW1,60,000Not applicableNo change
Hybrid solar system2kW2,00,00014,588 X 2 = 29,1761,70,824

*Note: The subsidy is fixed per kW throughout system capacity ranges and excludes solar battery costs.

Important information before installing 2kw On Grid Solar System.

A few things should be considered before establishing a 2kw On-Grid Solar System. First and foremost, the system’s size and location must be considered. Understanding local rules and zoning laws is critical since they may affect system installation. Furthermore, the roof should be evaluated to ensure that it is physically strong enough to hold the panels, and the electrical grid should be tested to guarantee that it is compatible with the system.

Finally, a solar installer should be engaged to guarantee that the system is properly installed and to obtain a quote for the cost of a Solar Installation Company in Kanpur. Considering these variables will help to ensure a good 2kw On-Grid Solar System installation.


Installing solar panels in India offers a sustainable and budget-friendly solution for generating electricity while also minimizing your environmental impact. By considering the expenses and potential savings, you can make an informed choice about switching to solar power. In addition, considering government subsidies and incentives can enhance the appeal of your investment.

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Keep in mind that although the upfront expenses may appear steep, the lasting perks and eco-friendly benefits of installing solar panels in India make it an enticing option for numerous individuals. With the continuous advancement of technology and decreasing prices, opting for solar power is proving to be an increasingly intelligent financial decision. At Om Solar Solution, we take pride in offering top-notch solar panel installation services at a cost that won’t break the bank.

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