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Sun-Powered Solutions: Rooftop Solar in Varanasi – Installation, Prices with Subsidies, and Benefits

Rooftop Solar in Varanasi Installation, Prices with Subsidies, and Benefits

Varanasi, also known as Kashi, holds a place in the hearts of millions. This city is not only very old, but it is also a spiritual, cultural, and vibrant place to live. It is on the banks of the holy Ganges River in Uttar Pradesh, India. But there is something new that is changing the picture: rooftop solar systems! These innovative gadgets are revolutionizing the way we produce energy, providing eco-friendly solutions for our roofs.

This blog will talk about Varanasi’s sunny rooftops and how solar energy is becoming more and more important. We will talk about why it is so popular, what it can do for you, what options you have, and even the Solar panel price Varanasi (including some great subsidies!). We will also talk about the cost of placement and how it helps the people of the city. Raise your glasses and watch the sun light up Varanasi!

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About Rooftop Solar

Solar in Varanasi Installation Prices, Om Solar

The term rooftop solar refers to the utilization of photovoltaic panels that are erected on the rooftops of buildings to collect sunlight and convert it into power. These systems provide a sustainable alternative to conventional energy sources, reducing dependency on fossil fuels and minimizing the amount of carbon emissions the environment produces.

Benefits of installing rooftop solar systems in Varanasi:

There are many benefits of rooftop solar panel systems installation in Varanasi. Solar Systems allow for a brighter, more sustainable future by reducing electricity costs and improving energy security. By creating their electricity, city residents also reduce the city’s carbon footprint.

1. Clean energy: Rooftop solar power systems in Varanasi use the city’s abundant sunlight to create clean, green energy. This reduces carbon emissions and fossil fuel use.

2. Cost savings: People and companies can create their electricity, reducing their monthly bills and saving them money over the lifetime of the solar system.

3. Energy independence: Rooftop solar panels make us less dependent on electricity from a central source. This makes energy more secure and flexible during grid outages and delays.

4. Environmental impact: Rooftop solar panels make the air and water cleaner than other types of energy generation.

5. It creates jobs: Installing, maintaining, and servicing rooftop solar power systems in Varanasi helps local communities, boosts the economy, and creates jobs.

6. Higher resale value: Homeowners are interested in rooftop solar power systems because they save money on energy costs and are easy to use. This increases property value.

7. Empowering communities: Rooftop solar power systems provide communities with the tools they need to become active participants in the shift to green energy, which supports environmental protection and community ownership.

8. Long-term goals: In Varanasi, rooftop solar power is helping to reach long-term goals of economic development, social justice, and environmental protection for future generations.

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Rooftop Solar System Types

A concise overview of each category of rooftop solar system follows:

1. On-Grid Systems: On-grid systems are connected to the local electricity utility. They use PV panels to generate electricity from sunlight. Any surplus power is transferred to the grid, and it is possible to access it as required. Batteries are typically absent from these systems. Depending on the location and availability of sunlight, a typical on grid system in India can produce approximately 4-5 kWh per square meter of electricity per day.

2. Off-Grid Systems: Off-grid systems are not connected to the infrastructure. They generate electricity using PV panels and store excess energy in batteries for use when there is no sunlight. These systems are optimal for remote regions. In India, an off grid system can produce the same output as an on-grid system (approximately 4-5 kWh per square meter per day). However, sufficient batteries are required to reserve energy for cloudy days and nights as well.

3. Hybrid Solar System: Hybrid systems amalgamate the advantages of both on-grid and off-grid systems. They are equipped with battery storage and are connected to the grid. This enables the storage of surplus energy for future use or during power outages. In India, hybrid systems also generate approximately 4-5 kWh per square meter per day, which achieves a balance between the utilization of solar power, utility power, and stored energy. 

Solar System Price in Varanasi

Solar in Varanasi Installation Prices, Om Solar

To determine the exact cost of a 1kW to 10kW solar panel system in Varanasi, it is best to contact an expert Om Solar Solution Solar Company in Varanasi for a custom quote. They will assess the technical and financial aspects of your property, as well as your budget, to decide the best system. For example, the following is an estimate of the expenses associated with different system capacities.

Several variables impact the ultimate solar investment, including:

– Type, size, and materials of solar panels

– Type of solar system (on-grid, off-grid, hybrid)

– Style of module mounting structure

Estimated Solar System Prices in Uttar Pradesh:

Solar System SizePrice Range (Estimated)
1kW Solar SystemRs. 70,000 – 80,000
2kW Solar SystemRs. 1,45,000 – 1,65,000
3kW Solar SystemRs. 1,95,000 – 2,20,000
4kW Solar SystemRs. 2,60,000 – 2,90,000
5kW Solar SystemRs. 3,20,000 – 3,50,000
10kW Solar SystemRs. 5,40,000 – 6,00,000

The costs provided are approximations and may fluctuate depending on specific criteria and circumstances. To obtain an accurate quotation, it is advisable to seek advice from a solar provider.

Solar System Installation Cost in Varanasi

The Pricing of Solar Panel Installation Services in Varanasi usually encompasses fees for the installation of structures, wiring, inverters, and labor. The usual installation expenses for grid-tied systems can vary from INR 10,000 to INR 20,000 per kW, whereas off-grid configurations may have significantly higher prices.

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Solar Panel System Subsidy in Uttar Pradesh

Solar in Varanasi Installation Prices, Om Solar

Uttar Pradesh households can greatly decrease the expenses of installing solar panel systems and eliminate their electricity bills by taking advantage of government subsidies. Uttar Pradesh offers subsidies and incentives for rooftop solar installations. These incentives could drastically reduce initial costs for families and businesses, making solar energy more accessible and affordable. Residential consumers and housing societies are eligible to receive Central Financial Assistance (CFA) or Solar Subsidy Support under the Rooftop Solar Programme Phase II plan. The subsidy is a predetermined sum per kilowatt (kW) of the installed system’s size.

Eligibility: – This scheme is only available to residential consumers and housing associations.

Subsidy Details:

Rooftop Solar System CapacityApplicable Subsidy (₹)
Up to 3 kW18,000/kW
Above 3 kW and up to 10 kW18,000/kW for the first 3 kW, 9,000/kW thereafter
Above 10 kW1,17,000 (fixed subsidy)
Resident Welfare Associations (RWA) / Group Housing Societies (GHS)9,000/kW for common facilities up to 500 kW @ 10 kW per house (includes individual rooftop plants already installed by residents)

Note:** CFA/subsidy permission is obtained once the rooftop solar system (RTS) is inspected and commissioned, including net metering. The local DISCOM-approved solar system capacity determines the CFA/subsidy.

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This new scheme makes solar energy more affordable and accessible for homes while supporting sustainable energy goals. Contact a local Solar EPC Company for the most accurate and specialized information.

Solar System Price in Uttar Pradesh with Subsidy

Uttar Pradesh offers a streamlined subsidy program for customers interested in installing solar panel installations. The program provides a predetermined subsidy for every kilowatt of the overall capacity of the solar system, hence increasing the affordability and availability of solar energy throughout all regions of India.

Details of the subsidy:

Solar System SizeEstimated Price RangeSubsidy ApplicablePrices After Subsidy
1kW Solar SystemRs. 70,000 – Rs. 80,000Rs. 18,000Rs. 52,000 – Rs. 62,000
2kW Solar SystemRs. 1,45,000 – Rs. 1,65,000Rs. 18,000 x 2 = Rs. 36,000Rs. 1,09,000 – Rs. 1,29,000
3kW Solar SystemRs. 1,95,000 – Rs. 2,20,000Rs. 18,000 x 3 = Rs. 54,000Rs. 1,41,000 – Rs. 1,66,000
4kW Solar SystemRs. 2,60,000 – Rs. 2,90,000Rs. 18,000 x 3 + Rs. 9,000 x 1 = Rs. 63,000Rs. 1,97,000 – Rs. 2,27,000
5kW Solar SystemRs. 3,20,000 – Rs. 3,50,000Rs. 18,000 x 3 + Rs. 9,000 x 2 = Rs. 72,000Rs. 2,48,000 – Rs. 2,78,000
10kW Solar SystemRs. 5,40,000 – Rs. 6,00,000Rs. 1,17,000Rs. 4,23,000 – Rs. 4,83,000

The post-subsidy pricing accurately represents the decreased expenses for each system size, hence enhancing the economic feasibility of solar panel installations for homes in Uttar Pradesh. To obtain accurate details regarding subsidies and installation expenses, it is advisable to seek guidance from a solar provider in your area.

Maximizing the Benefits of the Solar Subsidy

To be eligible for the central subsidy, users must submit an application on the National Portal for Rooftop Solar. This portal provides you with the capability to oversee several aspects, ranging from the real-time status of the application to the movement of payments into the customer’s bank account.

The Uttar Pradesh New and Renewable Energy Development Agency (UPNEDA) is the entity entrusted with the task of allocating state subsidies. The distribution will be given to clients who are eligible to receive the central subsidy.

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Last Verdict

Varanasi’s energy requirements may be addressed through rooftop solar systems, which are consistent with the city’s current sustainability objectives and its rich cultural heritage. The implementation of programs such as subsidies and incentives will enable a greater number of residents and businesses to employ solar energy, thereby contributing to a more prosperous and environmentally friendly future for Varanasi and beyond. By collaborating with Om Solar Solution, your reliable partner in Varanasi for solar solutions, you may harness the power of the sun.

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