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The Ultimate Guide to the Price of 1kW Solar Panel in Haryana with a Subsidy

1kW Solar Panel in Haryana, Om Solar

Starting with a 1kW solar panel system can reduce electrical strain and energy expenses for small homes and businesses. For modest residences and businesses on a budget, a 1 kW solar panel system can reduce electricity expenses and energy consumption.

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Solar panel subsidies from the Indian government promote renewable energy sources like solar power. This subsidy helps individuals and businesses purchase green energy alternatives, creating a more sustainable future.

You’re here for the 1kW Solar Panel System Price in India with a Subsidy (2024). This blog will provide relevant facts and insights. Watch for information on the costs, benefits, and steps to install a 1kw solar panel price in india with a subsidy. Indian rooftop solar company Om Solar Solution offers complete solutions for residential and business properties, including rural locations.

An Introduction to the 1kW Solar Panel

1kW Solar Panel in Haryana, Om Solar

A solar panel that produces one kilowatt of energy is referred to as a 1kW panel. The apparatus is a solar panel that converts one kilowatt of solar energy into electrical energy. Whether a 1 kW solar system is employed as a quantity and variety of panels is contingent upon its dimensions.

The number of solar panels necessary to generate one kilowatt of power is unknown. It generally consists of four to six solar panels. This configuration facilitates the conversion of solar energy into electrical power through a compact and highly efficient device, rendering it particularly suitable for small-scale and residential purposes.

How a 1kW Solar Panel System  Works

An extensive array of solar cells composes a solar panel. The solar radiation that strikes these cells and disturbs the electrons induces the flow of electricity. The term for this is direct current. The solar energy passes through the solar inverter integrated into your 1kW solar system, where it is converted into AC (alternating current) electricity suitable for use in all tools and appliances within your home or office.

Fortunately, it is not necessary to possess extensive technical knowledge to effectively maintain and optimize your solar plant. This also has no bearing on the 1 kW solar panel price for residential use in India.

1kW Solar Panel in Haryana, Om Solar

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Diverse varieties of home solar panel systems

1kW Solar Panel in Haryana, Om Solar

Each region in India offers three distinct varieties of residential solar energy systems. The impact of the price of 1-kilowatt solar panels on residential properties varies.

  • 1 kW on-grid solar system (capable of supplying power to the grid).
  • 1 kW solar off-grid system with reserve batteries
  • A hybrid 1 kW solar system comprising energy storage solar batteries and a grid connection.

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An Examination of Varieties in 1kW Solar Panel Systems in India

1kW Solar Panel in Haryana, Om Solar

The features and characteristics of on-grid, off-grid, and hybrid 1kW solar panel systems in India are detailed in the table that follows. These comparisons determine the Solar System Price and Subsidy in Haryana.

Feature/SpecificationOn-grid SystemOff-grid SystemHybrid System
Key ComponentsSolar Panels, InverterSolar Panels, Inverter, BatterySolar Panels, Inverter, Battery
CostBudget-friendlyModerate to High due to battery costsModerate
Power SourceSolar Energy & GridSolar Energy & BatterySolar Energy, Grid & Battery
ReliabilityDual Power Source (Solar + Grid)Energy IndependenceDual Power Source with Backup
Utility SavingsSignificant Annual SavingsHigh Annual SavingsHigh Annual Savings with Backup
Daily Energy Production4-5 units in favorable conditions4-5 units4-5 units
Grid InteractionExcess energy fed to grid for creditsNot Grid-dependentExport and Import of Power
Battery StorageNot ApplicableNecessary for storing unused energyUsed for storing surplus solar energy
SuitabilityUrban Areas with Reliable GridRemote Rural AreasAreas with Grid but frequent outages
BenefitsCost-effective, Utility Bill SavingsEnergy Independence, Power BackupPower Backup, Reduced Bills, Reliability
  1. On-grid System: An on-grid system is affordable since it uses solar cells and an inverter. This setup can use solar energy while connected to the grid. This will save you a lot of money on your electricity costs. In excellent weather, a 1kW on-grid system can generate 4–5 units per day. Solar credits from your local DISCOM are available for extra energy sent to the grid.
  1. Off-grid System: Remote rural residents who can’t connect to the government grid have their energy source. Solar panels, an inverter, and a battery bank store energy for later use in this setup. Battery costs may increase the initial outlay, but the off-grid solution provides electricity when the grid goes down.
  1. Hybrid System: Combining on-grid and off-grid features makes a hybrid system reliable and adaptable. This system is grid-connected and features a battery backup for solar power. This keeps your home lit during power outages and at night. A hybrid system is optimal for power backup, avoiding power outages, and lowering energy bills.

Detailed Specifications and List for a Solar Panel System Price 1kw

1kW Solar Panel in Haryana, Om Solar

Several elements determine the actual price of a solar panel with a power output of one thousand watts in India. These factors include the type of solar panels, the quality of all the solar components, and the mounting structure design. This is an estimate of what the cost of a solar system with a capacity of 1 kilowatt may be.

Model1kW Solar Price
1kW On-grid solar systemRs. 72,000 Onwards*
1kW Off-grid solar systemRs. 80,000
1kW Hybrid solar systemRs. 1,20,000

Note: The prices listed above are just figures. The actual costs of a solar system for your home or business may be different due to changes in subsidies and other factors.

The most important details about a 1kW solar panel system size are listed below

Key componentsAn 80 sq ft open, shade-free space
Solar panels, solar mounting structure, solar inverter, solar batteries (optional), the balance of the system (cables, fuses, MCBs, and Distribution boxes)Suitable for running 800 watts or less load
Energy output– 4 units of electricity/day<br>- 120 units of electricity/month<br>- 1440 units of electricity/year
Appliances poweredOnly basic home appliances such as TV, fan, light, freezer, and AC (only for a few hours) excluding motors.
Area required for 1kW solar panel systemA 80 sq ft open, shade-free space

Maximizing Your Savings: All About the 1kW Solar System Subsidy in Haryana

Under the national rooftop solar scheme, families in India are eligible to get subsidies from the government for their solar systems that are 1 kilowatt in capacity. Through the National Portal for Rooftop Solar, you will be able to register yourself and submit your application for the subsidy online. Know more about Home Solar System Subsidy in Haryana 2024

On-grid Solar System CapacityApplicable Subsidy
Up to 3 kWRs. 18,000/- per kW
Above 3 kW, up to 10 kWRs. 18,000/- per kW for the first 3kW and Rs. 9,000/- per kW after that for the rest
Above 10 kWRs. 1,17,000/- fixed

Note: Your only CFA/subsidy application will be approved after the examining authority clears your RTS plant and metering system.

1kW Solar System Price in India with Subsidy is something you should learn

Through the subsidy on the solar panels in the haryana program, you can only get money for home solar systems that are hooked up to the grid and follow the rules of net metering.

Model1kW Solar System PriceSubsidy ApplicablePrices After Subsidy
1kW On-grid solar systemRs. 72,000 Onwards*Rs. 18,000Rs. 54,000 Onwards*
1kW Off-grid solar systemRs. 80,000Not applicable
1kW Hybrid solar systemRs. 1,20,000Rs. 18,000Rs. 1,02,000

Note: In the calculations of the CFA, the cost of solar batteries is not taken into consideration.

1kW Solar System Installation Cost in India is being looked into

1kW Solar Panel in Haryana, Om Solar

For a 1kW solar system to work well, the roof must have an area of 80 square feet that is not in the shade. A solar PV array is the smallest system size, but it costs a lot and should only be put by professionals to make sure it’s done right and safely.

Working with a well-known Solar Installation Company in Haryana will make the switch to solar energy go smoothly. A full and personalized solar energy solution will include the cost of solar panels, a unique mounting system, and professional help. In India, these companies can offer low prices on 1kW solar systems and make sure that every installation meets strict safety standards. 

The steps to get the Solar Panel Subsidy in India, 2024

1kW Solar Panel in Haryana, Om Solar

People who want to apply for the Solar Panel Subsidy in India, in 2024, especially in Haryana, can do so by following these steps:

  1. Go to the official website: Go to the page that is officially for solar subsidies in Haryana.
  2. Opt for Om Solar Solution: When asked, pick Om Solar Solution as your favorite solar company.
  3. Fill Out Form Online: Go to the part called Solar Panel Subsidy Haryana online Form and fill it out completely.
  4. Attach the Documents You Need: Upload the necessary papers, like proof of where you live, who you are, and that you own the land.
  5. Send in your application: Once you’re done with the form, read over the information and then send the application online.
  6. Wait for Confirmation: Wait for the examining authority to look over and accept your subsidy application after you’ve sent it in.

Those who want to get the solar panel subsidy for 2024 through Om Solar Solution in Haryana should check on their application progress often and make sure they follow all the rules.

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In conclusion, Indian homes and businesses should consider installing a 1kW solar panel system, especially since is offering the government haryana solar subsidy. This long-term energy solution reduces energy prices, simplifies the power grid, and greens the future. Whether you choose an on-grid, off-grid, or mixed system, you must know its key parts, energy output, and cost. Om Solar Solution provides customized solar solutions. They ensure construction runs smoothly and safely. You may save the most money, become energy independent, and minimize your environmental impact by leveraging subsidies and dealing with reliable solar installation providers like Om Solar Solution in Haryana. Solar power is a prudent financial decision and a step toward India’s energy stability and longevity.

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