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Is Solar Energy Economical?  Exploring the Cost of a 5 kW Solar System in Haryana with Subsidy

Solar Energy Economical, Om Solar

Deploying a 5kW solar system is an effective method for residences and companies in India to harness renewable energy and save electricity costs. The initial expense of solar panel systems might be substantial. To lower the cost of solar energy, the government of India provides a solar panel subsidy in haryana for home. One dependable way to drastically lower your monthly electricity costs is to use solar energy. A solar system is an ideal alternative for efficiently powering medium-load Indian homes and offices. Installing 5kW solar panels on your roof not only reduces power costs but also adds value to your property. Generating your power allows you to become independent from the grid. This article will analyze the pricing of 5kW solar systems in Haryana subsidy amounts, critical aspects of solar schemes, and further information.

Usage and Advantages of a 5kW Solar Panel System

Solar Energy Economical, Om Solar

Solar photovoltaic technology functions only. Photons from sunshine impact the various solar cells that make up your solar panels, releasing electrons from atoms. Through the inverter, an electric flow is created and transformed from DC to AC electricity.

When the weather is perfect, the hours with the strongest sunlight are when your solar panels produce the most energy. You should not expect that your 5kW solar panels will always produce 5kW of electricity.

Beyond its 5kW solar system price in India, 2024 solar energy has many advantages that make it a desirable and well-liked substitute for conventional energy sources.

Cut Electricity Expenses

Solar Energy Economical, Om Solar

Solar energy offers immediate, significant cost savings. Because the sun is a plentiful and free energy source, producing electricity from it is a simple process. You can save money by reducing your reliance on the grid by producing sustainable solar power. Within six to eight years, the savings from the 5kW solar power plant will cover its initial cost.

Accumulate Solar Credits

Grid-interactive solar panels under the net metering process transfer surplus solar electricity to the local grid. Utility providers encourage energy contributions from domestic solar panels by offering solar credits that may be used to purchase grid electricity or exchanged for cash at the end of the year.

Environmental Benefits

Solar Energy Economical, Om Solar

Solar energy offers significant savings, a payback schedule of 6-8 years, a favorable return on investment, and is environmentally friendly. Solar energy, as a powerful alternative source, can reduce our dependence on depleting conventional resources when used by residential and commercial consumers. Solar energy is emission-free, inexhaustible, and will lead to a cleaner, greener future.

Various Varieties of 5kW Home Solar Panel Systems

There are three distinct solar designs, each tailored with specific technology to match its intended use. Each system type has unique characteristics and capabilities, along with different solar panel prices in Uttar Pradesh.

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On-Grid Solar System

Solar Energy Economical, Om Solar
  • Indian households seeking economical solar energy choose this alternative.
  • Encourages financial growth, savings, and subsidies.
  • Uses fewer parts than off-grid and hybrid.
  • Encouraged by net metering incentives and grid contact.
  • Power generated during peak sun hours is sold to the grid for solar credits.
  • The system’s cost is offset by solar credits and monthly savings.

Off-Grid Solar System

Solar Energy Economical, Om Solar
  • Suitable for places without local power or frequent power outages.
  • Lower rates and flexible financing make it accessible to everyone.
  • Provides 24/7 electricity with 5kW solar panels and robust batteries.
  • Solar batteries store excess electricity for energy independence.
  • The property is self-sufficient and grid-independent.

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Hybrid Solar System

Solar Energy Economical, Om Solar
  • Blends on-grid and off-grid features for versatility.
  • Ability to use grid and battery power.
  • Ensures energy independence and reliable electricity.
  • Surplus solar energy is stored in batteries or supplied back into the grid.
  • The 5kW solar panel system will pay for itself in 6-8 years from extra energy savings.

Solar panel price in Haryana 5kw & Specifications

When it comes to the 5 kilowatt Solar Panel System Price in Haryana, several factors determine both the price and the solar panels you choose to buy. When it comes to making the right pick, it’s important to understand all of the alternatives, which include myofascial panels, bifacial panels, monocrystalline panels, and polycrystalline panels. Furthermore, it is critical to examine the efficiency rating of your solar panels, since this aspect influences both the amount of energy produced and the cost of your 5 kW solar system in India.

ModelApproximately Price (Rs.)
5kW On-grid solar systemRs. 3,55,500*
5kW Off-grid solar systemRs. 3,50,000
5kW Hybrid solar systemRs. 4,50,000

Primary specifications of a 5kW solar panel system

Key SpecificationsDetails
Key componentsSolar panels that work at least 75% of the time, a solar mounting frame, a solar generator, solar batteries (if desired), and cables, fuses, MCBs, and Distribution boxes.
*Please note that all parts must meet MNRE and ALMM criteria to qualify for subsidies.
ComplianceComponents must comply with MNRE criteria and ALMM requirements to be eligible for the subsidy scheme.
Energy Output– 20 kilowatt-hours of electricity daily – 600 kilowatt-hours of electricity monthly-7200 kilowatt-hours of electricity annually
Appliances PoweredA variety of common household items such as fans, a 2-ton air conditioner, a television, 8 LED lights, a refrigerator, a washing machine, an oven, and laptops.
Area RequiredAn area of 500 square feet without any shadow

Shedding Light on the 5kW Solar Panel Subsidy in Haryana for Home

Central Financial Assistance (CFA) or Central Government Subsidy is provided in the area of rooftop solar installation in Haryana India. These statistics will help estimate the cost of a 5kW solar panel in Haryana with a subsidy.

Rooftop Solar System CapacityApplicable Subsidy (₹)
Up to 3 kW₹18,000/kW
Between 3 kW and 10 kW₹18,000/kW for the first 3 kW <br> ₹9,000/kW for the rest up to 10 kW*
Above 10 kW₹1,17,000**

*Note: The price is ₹18,000/kW for the first 3 kW and ₹9,000/kW for capacity up to 10 kW.

**Rooftop solar systems over 10 kW receive a fixed subsidy.

Saving Big: The Breakdown of The 5 kW Solar System Price in Haryana With Subsidy

Model5kW Solar Plant PriceSubsidy ApplicablePrices After Subsidy
5kW On-grid solar systemRs. 3,55,500 Onwards*₹18,000 X 3 + ₹9,000 X 2 = ₹72,000Rs. 2,83,500 Onwards*
5kW Off-grid solar systemRs. 3,50,000Not applicableNo change
5kW Hybrid solar systemRs. 4,50,000₹18,000 X 3 + ₹9,000 X 2 = ₹72,000Rs. 3,78,000

*Note: The subsidy is fixed per kW throughout system capacity ranges and excludes solar battery costs.

How to Benefit from the Solar Panel Subsidy Haryana 2024

Solar subsidy applications in Haryana and India

Solar Energy Economical, Om Solar
  • The revised Rooftop Solar Phase II program provides a streamlined and more effective process for applying for subsidies.
  • The Prime Minister inaugurated the National Portal for Rooftop Solar to simplify the subsidy application procedures.
  • Subsidy distribution to customers is now efficient, simple, and clear.

Admission Procedure

  • Submit your application for the Haryana solar panel subsidy through the online portal.
  • Authorized solar providers recognized by MNRE are eligible to install your rooftop solar system.
  • There is no requirement to monitor current state-level subsidy initiatives or make frequent visits to the local DISCOM.
  • Reach out to Om Solar Solution, known as the top solar company in Haryana, for cost-effective installations and high-quality services.

Advantages of the National Portal

  • Enrol in the National Portal for Rooftop Solar to file subsidy applications and installation documentation.
  • Monitor application advancement at each phase to ensure transparency.
  • Monitor your application status round the clock by using your user account, from submission to subsidy acceptance after installation and inspection.

DBT (Direct Benefit Transfer) System

Conclusion: Is Rooftop Solar Energy in Haryana a good option economically?

Haryana Rooftop solar panels are a cost-effective way for homes and businesses to use renewable energy and save money. Government subsidies have made solar panel systems cheaper, improving ROI. Solar energy is a financially viable and environmentally friendly alternative to conventional energy sources due to electricity bill savings, solar loan income, and environmental benefits. Solar systems are cheaper and more accessible thanks to the national portal for rooftop solar’s simplified subsidy application process. Rooftop solar systems in Haryana save money and help the environment, making it a smart investment. Working with a trusted Solar Installation Company in Haryana like Om Solar Solution ensures reliable and high-quality services. Solar power promotes energy self-reliance and a green future.

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Q1. What is the power output of a 5kW solar system?

Ans: A 5kW solar system typically produces 7,200 kWh of energy annually. On bright days, 5-kilowatt solar panels can generate 20 kilowatts of electricity a day, which is equivalent to 600 kilowatts a month.

Q.2 Can a 5-kilowatt solar system power a house?

Ans: A 5 kW solar system is recommended for households consuming 3,000 to 4,000 kW of energy annually. Consider weather conditions and your home’s energy usage to determine the appropriate size of the solar system to meet your energy needs.

Q.3 How many air conditioners can operate on 5 kW power supply?

Ans: A 5kW solar system can produce enough electricity to power 2BHK, 3BHK, and other medium-sized houses with 2-3 air conditioners.

Q.4 What is the required number of solar panels for a 5kW system?

Ans: A contemporary 5kW solar system design would require approximately 15-20 panels depending on the wattage of each panel. Solar panel array can be installed on approximately 25-35 square meters of roof area.

Q.5 How much does a 5kW solar system cost in India?

Ans: Although many factors determine the upfront price of a residential solar system, you can expect a complete 5 kW solar system to cost around Rs. Can be charged from Rs 3.15 lakh to Rs 3.57 lakh.

Q. 6 Is it expensive to maintain a 5kW solar system?

Ans: Your 5kW solar panels require minimal maintenance to ensure optimal performance and condition. Regular cleaning is enough to prevent dust, debris, and leaves from accumulating on the surface of your solar panels, as well as a warranty that protects the panels from major damage and replacement. Additionally, many Solar EPC Companies in Haryana offer service packages to meet your system inspection, maintenance, and repair needs.

Q.7 How can I get a solar subsidy in Haryana?

Ans: To apply online for solar subsidy in Haryana, complete these steps:

Step 1: Registration.

Step 2: Apply to rooftop solar power installation.

Phase 3 involves obtaining Technical Feasibility Approval (TFR).

Step 4: Submit installation details.

Step 5: This involves inspection by the Discom.

Step 6: This involves assessing the status of project commissioning.

Step 7: This involves the submission of subsidy/CFA requests.

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