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How Many Solar Panels Do I Need For a 2,000 sq ft Home?

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Want to install solar panels in a 2000 sq ft home? 

But I don’t know how much solar panels to purchase, where to buy solar panels, and how much it will cost. 

Get all the answers in this blog. 

Mathematically, 2000 sq ft ares is equal to 224.37 gaz which is a large space. Generally, villas and bungalows are made. The area is also good for agricultural prospectus. 

In this blog we will discuss solar panel cost for home especially for a 2000 square foot house.

How Do 2000sq. ft. Solar Panel System Work?

Let’s understand how a solar panel system works for a 2000 sq ft area. 

  • Solar panel boards absorb sunlight heats 
  • Board converts the energy into DC power
  • Later, DC energy converted into AC power with the help of inverter
  • The generated electricity then sent through connection structured 
  • Additionally, the access electricity fed into the grid connection for net-metering advantage

How Long Do 2000sq. Ft. Solar Panels Last?

Solar panels for a 2000 square foot area come with high-quality efficiency that run long up to 25 years or 30 years. Also these panels are expensive but with available solar panels subsidy benefit the cost depreciated much higher, resulting, budget-friendly.

In short, an efficient solar panel can last up to 25 years or even longer. 

According to a study tailed by the Renewable Energy Department of India, solar panels last 80% longer than their efficiency.

How Many Solar Panels Do I Need for a 1,500 Square Foot Home?

Let’s do the math…! 

The 1kW solar panel device includes 335watt x 3 Nos. Hence, three sun panel forums are used. The 1kW solar panel system is used in houses within 300 sq. Toes. 

Considering the 2000 sq. ft location, a 7kW solar system is needed. Which manner, 335watt x 21 Nos solar panels are required. 

Hence, 21 solar panel boards are required to compete with 2000 sq. Feet houses.

How Much 7kW Solar Panel System Cost For 2000 sq. ft. Homes?

A 7kW solar system generates 7000 watts in a day.

Which means the system generated energy is capable of meeting standard load applications for 2000 sq. ft. homes. 

Homeowners could easily run applications within the 7000 watt energy consumption. 

7kW is ideal to take recommended load as mentioned below:

Applicable loadsLoadBack-up time
8 LED Lights + 2 Fan + 2 ton AC & Fridge<4000 watt5 Hours
12 LED Lights + 6 Fan + 2 Cooler+ Fridge+ 1 TV12 LED Lights + 6 Fan + 2 Cooler+ Fridge+ 1 TV>3500 watt8 Hours
12 LEDs + 6 Fan + Fridge+ 1 TV+ Washing Machine+1 Cooler<2500 watt110+ Hours

A) On-Grid 7kW Solar System Cost 

Grid-tie connection as per Rs.60 price per watt will cost you Rs. 4,20,000. 

B) Off-Grid 7kW Solar System Cost

Non-grid connection as per Rs.70 per watt will cost homeowners Rs. 4,90,000. 

C) Hybrid 7kW Solar System Cost

Solar panel connection with combined connection methodology will cost Rs. 5,60,000 as per Rs.80 price per watt.

Want To Install 7kW Solar Panel System For 2000 sq.ft area

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