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How to Calculate Solar Panel, Battery, and Inverter in India

How to Calculate Solar Panel, Battery, and Inverter in India

The requirement constraint like the number of solar panel boards, battery, and inverter capacity is a critical factor to know in advance for a convenient solar panel installation. 

Homeowners often find this difficult. But, it is simple. 

To find out how many solar panels are required with battery and inverter capacity, I suggest you must read our blog for detailed information. 

In general, the requirement of solar panels and its associates are calculated based on the factors as followed: 

  • Size of the home
  • Loads capacity
  • And other misc requirements

To get a better understanding, I will explain how many solar panels you will need and what types along with the right inverter and battery capacity. 

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To get started with the guide, we must first learn about load capacity and backup time. 

How to calculate load calculation? 

Use the clamp meter machine to calculate the instant load of the appliances. The equipment is easily available in the market both offline and online. Just follow the steps to calculate Solar Panel load calculation: 

  • Turn all the appliances
  • Use clamp meter in phase wire of electric meter

The clamp meter will show power consumption in “Amp” such as 5 Amp, 10 Amp, and 20 Amp. To get a better understanding in simple terms, you need to convert it into Watt (W)

Indian grid voltage range starts from 220V-240V, here’s the conversion formula: 

Load calculation = 220V*5 Amp = 1100W

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How to calculate the backup time? 

Well, now we know the power consumption. On the basis of this, we can know how many hours you may run appliances after the power cuts. 

Let’s say 5 to 6 hours, that means: 

Battery Storage = Total load * Backup time

  = 1100W*4 hours

  = 4400W

Guide to calculating battery requirements 

Now we should know how many solar batteries you would require to satisfy the context. 

Continuing the above criteria, we acknowledge that a battery storage is 4400W capacity required to meet 5 hours of backup time. 

You have two battery options to buy for solar panel installation i.e. lead acid battery & lithium battery.

Consider a 150Ah lead acid battery as it is a popular and reliable choice for home and business. 

One 150Ah battery stores 1300 Watt. That means, you need

Battery Capacity = Required Battery Storage / Battery Storage 

     = 4400W / 1300W 

     = 4 Batteries

In the case of a lithium battery, you would require only one battery because its capacity is 5000W, 48V.

Guide to calculate inverter capacity 

Based on the battery voltage, capacity, and power consumption. We can easily calculate the capacity requirement of an inverter. 

Inverter Capacity = Load  + Load * 20% 

     = 1100W + 1100W * 20% 

     = 1100W + 220W 

     = 1320W

Guide to solar panels requirement

Solar panels are an important element in generating solar based energy. Solar panels are available in different technologies with varying efficiency rates. 

Lastly, you need to calculate the quantity of solar panels. 

We always know that solar panels generate DC voltage (22V to 50V). In simple terms,

Solar Panel Capacity = 3 * Battery Capacity 

   = 3 * 600Ah 

   = 1800 Watt

That’s all in this guide. 

You now learned how to calculate solar panel quantity, solar battery and inverter capacity by reading this blog. In case you have any donuts or want to learn more about solar panel, battery, and inverter; do contact Om Solar Solutions.

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